Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Penang

Asam Laksa oh asam Laksa, I absolutely love asam Laksa especially those full with fish, well, since asam Laksa is all about fish ma. Whenever I got the laksa craving, I will definitely come to Farlim here for it’s laksa. They are really famous in the past, however, ever since they move to this new shop, their business seems to drop since every time I patronize them, only a few customer are in there.

Nevertheless, I still absolutely love the laksa here although they do hire Indonesian maid to cook the dish.

Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Penang-3

The coffee shop is very spacious and big, especially since most of the time it was empty. I always love to dine at a place where it’s always empty but still serve great food, simply because I can find parking easier, order my food faster, get to eat my food faster, and able to eat my food at my own pace since I don’t need to worry about eyes staring at you wishing you faster finish it so that they can have a place to sit. Besides, empty restaurant also won’t be so stuffy, but of course la, the food must be good!

Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Penang-1

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