Trip to Kuala Lumpur – KTM and Blessings Homestay Bangsar

Hm…what the fark? Travel to Kuala Lumpur also want post? No content so simply post is it?

Well, I find that this trip a bit special ma, so I post lo. In this trip, I am taking KTM instead of bus/car/plane, and I also stay at homestay instead of regular hotel, so quite different right? I also notice many people are unaware that you can actually use train to travel around Malaysia, so please don’t flame/sue/kick me , kthxbai.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I last travel using train. Train is much much more safer than bus since there always some crazy bus driver who sped/rempit all the way at highway. However, the down point is it take ages. It takes 9 hours from Sungai Petani to Kuala Lumpur , while bus usually take 5 hours only.

Behold, KTM station of Sungai Petani. The outlook of it seems never change at all ever since I was very small. Condition? Same like Puduraya lo.

KL Trip (KTM & Blessings Homestay)-1

There’s a small cafeteria by the waiting area but non of my business, since I already went to KFC and I is gonna enjoice my dinner in the train later.

KL Trip (KTM & Blessings Homestay)-2

Seats are limited here. Besides, there are many non-passengers here too. Most of them are just waiting for their family members to depart, while others are waiting for arrival. Best thing is, 1 person take train, 10 people come…sigh, I wonder why.

KL Trip (KTM & Blessings Homestay)-3

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