Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani

Mee Thajudeen, definitely 1 of the most famous food in Sungai Petani. However, 1 might ask, what is Mee Thajudeen? Well, I don’t know LOL. I only refer it to as railway station mee goreng and Pasembor.

Both the mee goreng and Pasembor are known as the best here in Sungai Petani, and yes, they never disappoints me whenever I came.

The Pasembor, also known as Rojak (no not the Penang version of Rojak which uses fruits), but instead uses vegetables, potato, beancurd, prawn fritters and egg. It’s mainly down to the gravy that define a good plate of Pasembor. The gravy here is abit sweet though, and it’s blend really well with all the ingredients 7.0/10

Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani-1

The mee goreng is good too. You can enhance the taste by adding a bit of lime, ask them to increase the spiciness and it will be really awesome. 7.1/10
Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani-2

This shop was initially located by the railway near the Sungai Petani Railway Station. However, since they are building new railway track, there were force to move to another place, and hence now they choose to open a shop inside a bungalow! Mamak at bungalow, I doubt i can find this combination elsewhere.

Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani-3
Total Damage: RM2.80 each plate

Operating Hours: 2 PM to 9 PM


Google Map:

8 thoughts on “Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani

  1. OMG you put 7 out of 10!
    Hardly to believe, still remember around 2009 when i was in Malaysia (SP),
    The noodle they serve got hair inside of it, yes my friends did exchange it for another plate.
    Taste a bit odd, and spicy.

    Yet the town got lot more to offer, warm people and warm weather planing to visit again maybe on next winter.

    • Whao…thats bad with hair in it.

      Actually, after a few more tries at the shop, the food quality consistency is bad.

      If you are unlucky, and the chef is a newbie, your food might sux

      and yes, it does taste a bit odd if you are not a Malaysian 😀

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