Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar

Since I had absolutely no idea what’s good in Bangsar, and since I only had the no.11 bus (my leg la) as my sole transport, I still take my chances and search for the famed Anuar’s Curry Fish Head at Lucky Garden, Bangsar. However, after walking for like 30 good minutes, I is shatbrix as I was told they only serve curry fish head at lunch time, while it’s only 10 AM at that time! Sigh….

With hunger and tiredness conquering me, I had no choice and simply enter 1 shop that looks good to me. I had no confidence and are seriously expecting bad food. This is because according to my 5 years stay in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, most of the time if I were to simply enter a shop for food here, 99% of the time it turn out sucks! No, I am not saying food at Kuala Lumpur sucks, there do have many good food here, it’s just that the average restaurant here serve bad food. Haizz….

Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar-4

Anyway, the food here at Sun Fa Ji, Bangsar is really not bad. I tried to stop LY when she wanted to try the curry mee, all because I had too much bad experience on bad curry mee here. However, the curry mee turns out to be quite nice! At RM5.50, loads of ingredients were given and even coagulated pork blood, nice! The soup is quite good too, yea of course you can’t compare it to the best one in Penang, but it’s certainly 1 of the best I had tried at central Malaysia! 7.0/10

Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar-2

The curry chee cheong fun is consider OK too. Well, since it’s only RM2.50, it’s the plain version, aka no ingredients at all. The curry is similar to the curry mee, but since no ingredients at all make it way too plain. 6.5/10

Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar-3

I also order some roasted and steamed chicken to try. Turn out they are not bad too. I love the chili here. 6.8/10

Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar-1

Well, overall not bad la the food here. If only I drove down, then I will have more choice already, but 4 hours of driving is killing me already. Sigh, where is my driver?!

Total damage: Curry Mee @ RM5.50, Curry Chee Cheong Fun @ RM2.5, Chicken @ RM6

Location: Persiaran Ara Kiri, Bangsar

Google Map:

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