Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee and Air Mata Kucing @ Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

While waiting for my salted duck to be ready, I walk around Petaling Street, hunting for more food to be eated in the bus for my trip back to Sungai Petani. Finally I settle down on the Muar Chee stall just beside the salted duck stall.

I am actually attracted by all the newspaper report on the stall, seems to be highly recommended, and the yellow signboard saying “Ma Chi Very Good” also makes me want to get something from the aunty too. Seems like I am easily cheated by advertisement huh?

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-1

This is also the first time I saw Muar Chee got so many different flavor, but in the end we settle for the original flavor, which cost us Rm5, the most expansive Muar Chee I ever ate before!

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-2

Chop chop chop…. and I think I am one of those waiting to be chopped too, but why? Read on…..

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-3

In the mean time, something I will never forget to patronize whenever I at Petaling Stret is the Air Mata Kucing (dried longan drink). It’s really a good to cool you down especially you are sweating hot when walking around here under the hot sun.

Qi Chiong Gai Air Mata Kucing @ Kuala Lumpur-1

The dried longan drink ice cost RM1.20, for me it’s really worth it although many had say that in the past, more longan were given, but still, I love it.

Qi Chiong Gai Air Mata Kucing @ Kuala Lumpur-2

And finally when I board the bus, I can try the RM5 Muar Chee! However, it’s a HUGE disappointment! Arrghh, seriously RM5 wasted! The Muar Chee were chopped into too big pieces, not nice. I didn’t find it anything special too until it need to cost RM5, in fact it’s worse than most cheaper and normal Muar Chee stall at the roadside. Duh, DON’T TRY IT! Epic failed! I was conned by the stupid newspaper report! 1.0/10

Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee @ Kuala Lumpur-4

Well, I think one of the reasons that the Muar Chee taste so bad is because I actually eat it 1 hour after I bought it, if I were to eat in when I bought it, it might be better a bit, a bit only. Besides, it might also because I am not in the mood of eating.

Well, the fact is I miss my bus! My bus should depart at 11.00 AM at Puduraya, and  when I reach Puduraya at 10.40AM, I went over to Transnasional counter and ask in which platform my bus will be, and I was told I should wait at Platform no.8. So I went to platform no.8 at 10.50 AM, but the bus was nowhere to be seen until 11.15AM. When I went over to ask again, where is my bus, I was told that the bus had left!!!!!!!!


Besides, to add more salt to my wound, I was told by them that all tickets to my hometown was SOLD OUT for that day!!!!!! Shiatz, and luckily, there are still many other bus company at Puduraya, and I manage to find a bus that depart at 11.45 AM to Sungai Petani, how lucky, just that I need to fork out another RM70 for it. Sigh……..

Total Damage: RM5 for Muar Chee, RM1.20 for dried longan ice

Location: Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

Google Map:

2 thoughts on “Qi Chiong Gai Muar Chee and Air Mata Kucing @ Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Ouch! that’s really a pain to the wallet. As for the muah chee or ma zhi, there’s nothing special about it other than the add on flavors and they are really hard to chew since they were presented in cold form. The original hot and soft ma zhi in Penang is still the best!

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