Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang

When talk about Hokkien Mee in Penang, rarely people will know about this stall at Perak Road wet market. However, as low profile as this stall is, as not so popular compare to others it can be, it doesn’t stop the crowd (especially those stay in Perak Road) to patronize this stall. This only prove 1 fact, the Hokkien Mee here is good!

Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang-1

The soup of the mee here is very good, full with prawns flavor. Although the ingredients given is much lesser than others (you are getting a bowl of classic and traditional Hokkien Mee, so no, you can’t add roasted pork or whatever others in it), and the prawns given is also much lesser, but all these does not stop the soup to taste wonderful. At only RM2.30 it’s very cheap. 8.0/10

Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang-2

However, although it only cost RM2.30, but the portion is significantly smaller than other places. No, the picture below is exactly how much mee was served in a bowl, I haven’t give it a single bite yet. It’s definitely not enough for me if I ate this alone.

Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang-3

For me, the Hokkien Mee here is very good, and the waiting time ain’t long at all. My mum even say that this is better than the one that you need to wait for at least 30minutes in One Corner Cafe, but I beg to differ though.

Perak Road Hokkien Mee @ Penang-4

The best thing about Ah Keong Hokkien Mee is, it’s located at the wet market of Perak Road, and this wet market offer many other good food that you can try. Parking will be a challenge though.

Total Damage: RM2.30

Operating Hours: 7 AM to 11.30 AM

Location: At the road lead into Perak Road wet market (it’s on your left side together with many other coffee shop)

Google Map:

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