Perak Road Nasi Lemak @ Penang

After the Petaling Street trilogy, it’s time for a Penang trilogy, hence here the third post of food in Perak Road wet market. This time, the Nasi Lemak I am introducing is something I first ate when I was still in kindergarten, but then it’s been years, since I last pay them a visit.

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-1

The special  yellow curry chicken here is the single thing I miss most for the past 10 years. I always wanted to come back for this, but since my house was an hour far from where it was (in the past la), which means I need to wake up really early for it had stopped me to do so. The pain in the ass in finding a car park does not helps too.

However, the lovely curry still always appear in my mind. It’s very different from normal curry as it’s more towards sweet rather than spicy, but I just love it. Ever since my grandparents introduce this place to me 10++ years ago, I had become 1 of their most loyal customer, and every time I am here, I will surely take as many pieces of chicken as I can and go back happily.

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-2

The stall is always full with people in the past, and you need to queue up and wait for your turn. However, to my surprise this time when I reach there at around 10 AM, they still have quite a lot of dishes left and not a single other customer there. I thought their quality had dropped tremendously but NO, the curry still taste lovely, and it’s exactly the same I had 10 years ago (if my memory doesn’t failed me la).

So why is their business so bad? I had to guess it’s because of their high price. Well, for my portion, I just take 2 small piece of chicken and 1 stingray, guess how much it cost? A freaking RM7.40! It’s more expansive than nasi kandar already considering the size of the chicken I take is quite small. But what the heck? I still love it, and will continue to patronize them very soon again! 9.8/10

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-3

Call me biased for giving such a high score, but who cares? I just love it!!!!!!! I wanted to give it a perfect score, but it was the price that stopped me from doing so.

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-4

The ham chim beng (some Chinese cake with black seasame inside) here is quite good too. Worth a try if you are need something to munch a bit while walking around the market.

Perak Road Market Nasi Lemak & Dau Fu Fa @ Penang-5

Whatever it takes, I am so gona go back and visit this nasi lemak stall again this coming weekend, hell YEa!

Total Damage: RM7.40 for nasi lemak

Operating Hours: 7 AM to 11 AM

Location: Perak Road Wet Market, Penang

Google Map:

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