Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang

Where is the best place for dinner? Yes, beach is the way man! Watching the sun set, enjoying fresh seafood while the natural wind blowing you is just…..awesome! Although the sea water is not crystal clear in Penang, neither the sand is silky smooth in the East coast of Penang island, but still, you can overlook the whole Penang bridge and looking at ships entering and exiting the port is quite a view too.

Hence this explains why restaurants are mushrooming along the East coast of the island, all the way from the start of Jelutong Highway at the end of Pengkalan Weld to Queensbay mall.

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-1

However, most of these stalls are just normal road side restaurant, not those classy type that you find in Batu Ferringhi area.

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-2

Nearby Queensbay Mall, where Gold Coast Condominium is located, there are few such restaurant, and all of them are selling ikan bakar (grilled fish). This is a place where it attract quite a few tourist bus to visit them frequently.

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-9

The one I visiting this time is Hammer Bay.

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-8

The first dish that came is the Tom Yam Seafood. Well, although the soup taste OK, but it wasn’t served hot, and Tom Yam seriously taste bad when it’s cold, fail! Besides, the prawns ain’t that fresh too. 6.0/10

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-3

Malay style spicy clam is our next dish, which looks very colorful, but doesn’t taste nice. Well, I don’t mean to say it taste really bad, but it’s just so so, a bit sweet, abit spicy, and that’s it. 5.0/10

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-4

The crab is cooked almost the same way as the clam, but it’s thicker, and hence the outcome is same – bad. 5.0/10

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-5

Some of you might think, had this become a gutterfood post? Nah, it’s not, as this place does not fail 100% yet, due to its ikan bakar. Although the ikan bakar take quite some time to serve, but to me, it’s worth the wait. Although some part of the fish is over burnt, and it looks flaming hot, but it’s actually taste very nice, and not as spicy as expected. A very good dish but a complaint is, since they wrap the fish with banana leaf and “bakar” it, hence the burnt leaf was sticked on to the fish. 7.8/10

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-6

Choose which type you want to go with your fish.

2010.04.10 Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar @ Penang-7

Overall, although the ikan bakar here is quite good, but I doubt I will come back here again, simply due to the fact that other dish is not really good.

Total Damage: RM44.40

Operating Hours: 5 PM till late

Location: No 1, Jalan Bayan Bay

Google Map:

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