Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun

Bukit Tambun, a small town south of the mainland Penang, is famous for it’s fresh and extremely cheap seafood (in the past). Not only it do attracts many people travel all the way to dine there, but it also lead to many seafood restaurant operating there to crop with the crowd.

1 of my favorite restaurant here in Bukit Tambun will be Restaurant Floating.

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-10

Like all other seafood restaurant here, you can choose which seafood you want before you are seated. Don’t expect to find something like geoduck or snow crab here though.

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-9

The restaurant is not named as Restaurant Floating for nothing, it’s actually floating on the huge man made pond with loads of fish swimming underneath it.

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-7

The “personal fun club”.

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-6

Ba li dong, my mum favorite dish. It’s a type of shell fish which you need to put in your mouth and suck the meat out from the shell. I had absolutely no idea what it’s called in English, anyone can enlightened me? I am not a huge fan of this basically because I will be frustrated if I can suck nothing out from the shell even when I suck until my face gone red, while I see others can enjoy eating it. Well, guess I am not a good sucker eh? Anyway, luckily for me that day, the ba li dong is very fresh, and I can suck all of them out easily! 7.0/10

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-1

Although we are here for seafood, it won’t hurt to have some vegetables eh? The kangkung belacan here is quite normal though. 6.5/10

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-2

Next dish up was the salted egg crab, and although it taste okay, I am a bit disappointed by it. It’s not fragrant enough and I can’t really taste the salted egg. 6.7/10

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-3

Finally my favorite dish here was on the table, Lemon Steamed Fish. It taste a bit like thai style steamed fish, but it’s way more sour hence way more appetizing. While the fish is definitely fresh, the amazing gravy can easily made someone eat more rice than he wanted. 8.5/10

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-4

We also order some mantis, which turn out to be great! Although the size of the mantis is not that big, but due to it’s freshness and the natural sweetness of the mantis itself, it is just awesome!

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-5

However, there is 1 thing I hate to dine here, the flies! We always need to use our hand to scare the flies away while dining or else they will just share our food with us! Grrrr….look at how many flies are there when we finish our meal and just let them stay there. GOSH!

2010.05.07 Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun-8

Total Damage: RM130.30 for 3 person

Operating Hours: 5.00 PM to 10 PM

Contact: 04- 588 3063

Location: Lot 2400, Jalan Bukit Tambun (The restaurant is on your right when you are driving towards the end of Bukit Tambun. Turn right when you saw a huge factory look like building on your right)

Google Map:

One thought on “Restaurant Floating @ Bukit Tambun

  1. the restaurant is normal, but i cannot stand the dizziness of the floating stupid restaurant. wont go there again.

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