GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang

GEM restaurant – House of fine Indian cuisine as they claimed, located within the core zone of the Unesco World Heritage Site in Penang – Bishop Street. The environment is beautifully design, with painting and cravings from India.

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-2

The design of the cup is very special, and it’s quite heavy too for a cup.

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-1

Nandu Rasam @ RM7.90 is certainly an interesting dish. The soup was boiled with the crab together, giving it a very interesting flavor. Besides, although the pepper taste might be a bit overwhelming, but it still taste very nice as the spices used to cook the soup is just wonderful. The crab is very fresh too (although small) but you can enjoy it while waiting for your main dish to come. 7.9/10

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-3

The biryani rice @ RM6.90 here is not bad too. Taste wonderful and can be eaten by itself, and of course, eating it with some curry or the leftover soup from Nandu Rasam just make it even more wonderful. 7.5/10

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-4

Kerala Style Fish Moilee @ RM15.90 is a bit disappointing though. As far as I know, this coconut milk cooked dish supposedly should have a very creamy taste, which is a bit lacking here. 6.8/10

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-5

Chicken Tikka Masala @ RM13.90 is an Indian Curry dish served with Tomato based sauce. To me, the chicken is not tender and juicy enough, but the gravy is nice though. 7.0/10

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-6

Garlic Cheese Naan @ RM6.90 which is not bad by itself, but if compare to the one in Chulia Street, it loses miles away. 7.0/10

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-7

GEM restaurant, with the big Yellow signboard with red wording on top is easily spotted if you pass by Bishop Street. Notice the waiter waving at me when the shot below is taken?

2010.04.22 GEM Indian Restaurant @ Penang-8

Total Damage: RM57.10 for 2 person

Operating Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM

Contact: 04-262 4070

Location: 66, Bishop Street, Penang

Google Map:

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