Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Penang

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is 1 of my favorite restaurant to go whenever I had the cravings for Korean food (and also BBQ stuff), simply because the quality of food here is usually higher than those normal Korean restaurant.

In Daorae, besides those normal sitting area, they usually have a dining area with tatami style, and obviously you will need to take off your shoe before entering the area. Notice the white long exhaust chute on top of each table? It can be pull down to be as close as possible to the BBQ area to suck out all the smoke from it.

2010.05.16 Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Penang-1

Like most authentic Korean restaurant, our table is invariably laid with a sumptuous array of panchan. They are given complimentary for every table if you order their BBQ dishes. Most of them taste nice, and you can always ask for free refilling. I especially love their salad.

2010.05.16 Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Penang-3

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Rung Reang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra

Jitra, the 4th largest town in Kedah after Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and Kulim do have few famous restaurant selling Thai food, and due to the close proximity to the Thai border, the Thai food served is authentic and good.

One of the most famous restaurant is Rung Reang, a restaurant even known by few of my friends from Kuala Lumpur.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-3

The crowd here is amazing. We reach there around at 9 PM, and almost all table were full. We were also told that we need to wait quite long for our food.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-2

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Bao Seng Durian Buffet (Eat all you Can Durian) @ Penang

It’s June, and it’s Durian season, the kings of fruits, and also the season of fattening.

These years, there is however something very hot in Malaysia, which is durian buffet. Just pay a small amount of money, and you get to eat all you can. From D24, red prawn, hor lor and many many more.

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-1

Durians, Durians, Durians……!!!

2010.06.19 Bao Seng Durian Buffet @ Penang-2

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Seow Fong Lye Cofee Shop Chee Cheong Fun @ Penang

Chee Cheong Fun or rice noodle roll, all the while were being neglected by non-Penangtie. Well, can’t blame them since Char Koay Teow, Asam Laksa, Penang Hokkien Mee are too famous already.

2010.05.15 Seow Fong Lye Chee Cheong Fun @ Penang-1

Penang’s version of Chee Cheong Fun uses shrimp paste ( or known as hae koh ) which is black, but taste sweet. Mix it with some chili sauce and you to enjoy. The Chee Cheong Fun here at Seow Fong Lye coffee shop is especially good. The noodle roll itself is very very smooth and soft, and taste quite different (but good) from what you get to eat at other stall. 8.5/10

2010.05.15 Seow Fong Lye Chee Cheong Fun @ Penang-2

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Khutai Thai Restaurant @ Butterworth, Penang

Before we go anything further, I shall say, this is a feast. THIS IS A FEAST!!!

Yes, this is a feast, this dish alone is a FEAST! It’s 1 of the most awesome dish I ever had, superb dish!

Teaser picture of the feast…….and look at the egg…..oh mai oh mai….droooolllzzzzzzz

2010.05.09 Khutai Thai Restaurant @ Butterworth, Penang-1

Ok, cut the crap of the feast, I will show you guys later what I mean.

If any of you were to google “thai restaurant butterworth”, you will be bombarded by “Khuntai Thai Restaurant”. It just show’s how famous this restaurant is in Butterworth, as if want find Thai food in Butterworth? Khuntai is the way to go.

2010.05.09 Khutai Thai Restaurant @ Butterworth, Penang-3

Khuntai is a big restaurant, which they had many private rooms for their customer to choose from.

2010.05.09 Khutai Thai Restaurant @ Butterworth, Penang-2

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Mega 1 Cafe Wine Noodle @ Penang

Mega 1 Cafe, a shop by Burma road which is sorta hard to spot, served something sorta rare in Penang – Wine Noodle.

2010.05.01 Mega 1 Cafe Wine Noodle @ Penang-5

The design of the shop is very simple, and just few tables available. The same goes to find a parking space here, damned hard to find!

Honey Longan Wintermelon @ RM3.20.

2010.05.01 Mega 1 Cafe Wine Noodle @ Penang-1

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Sentosa Corner Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Yam rice is definitely 1 of the signature dish of mainland Penang, simply because there are few stalls here that sells really really good yam rice.

2010.04.28 Sri Sentosa Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam-1

The yam rice in Penang is quite different from others part of Malaysia as it’s almost always served with salted vegetables pork soup, hence the soup taste sourish and very appetizing! The ingredients used is mostly pork, from the innards such as blood, liver, intestine to something more normal such as pork balls, lean meat and 3 layer meat.Of course, you can always customize the ingredients by telling them what you want, and what you don’t want. 7.0/10

2010.04.28 Sri Sentosa Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam-3

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