Star Cruise Pisces @ Penang

I always wanted to board on a luxury cruise, especially every time when I watch a movie such as Poseidon. It just seems so so so so much fun to me! However, most of the cruise package offers in Malaysia requires me to board at Port Klang or even Singapore, which is a bit too far and troublesome for me.

In Penang, most of the time the only cruise available is the small one, which their target customers are those who want to gamble, and I heard many had say that it’s super boring for someone who does not gamble to board on it.

Hence when I heard that the 12 decker Pisces is here, I say, it’s time for me to try it! It cost RM150 per person for a twin sharing room, and RM110 per person without room. However, there’s are only 1 room available for 5 of us since we book quite late.

We park our car near to Fort Cornwallis, where there is a big car park area for those who boarding the cruise to park there. It cost RM7 for 1 whole night though.

Place to board – Swettenham Pier in Penang.

2010.04.24 Star Cruise Pisces @ Penang-1

Once inside, we were require to go to the counter and collect our own “star cruise ID card”. The card will act as a credit card on the cruise, as every expense you made on the cruise will be charge on it. You will need to settle your payment before you disembark though, or else they won’t return your IC which they will help you to “keep” before boarding.

2010.04.24 Star Cruise Pisces @ Penang-2

Look at the crowd man!

2010.04.24 Star Cruise Pisces @ Penang-3

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