Air Itam Sister’s Curry Mee @ Penang

So many curry mee stall, so many hawker food around all over in Malaysia, but this curry mee stall at Air Itam will definitely give most people a very special most people an unforgettable experience.

2010.05.08 Air Itam Curry Mee @ Penang-1

Yes, I kid you not. This curry mee stall operate by 2 sisters who are old enough to be my grandmother. Oops, no, I don’t think it qualify as a stall at all, since there ain’t any stall there! Everything is on the floor! This is the first time I saw something like that.

2010.05.08 Air Itam Curry Mee @ Penang-2

However, this does not stopped people from visiting them. I never saw them had time to actually rest as the customers just keep on flowing in. Luckily they do have helpers to help them.

Besides the normal noodles used in normal curry mee, you can opt for using fried noodles, which I did not try.

2010.05.08 Air Itam Curry Mee @ Penang-3

For sitting, you can either choose to sit at the small chair directly in front of the stall, or choose a real table which I did.

The curry mee come with basic ingredients, coagulated pork blood, cuttle fish, dao pok and that’s it.

2010.05.08 Air Itam Curry Mee @ Penang-4

Although the curry mee here taste good, but to me it just lack of the oomph that make it stand out from others. It taste just like how a bowl of traditional curry mee should taste like. 7.0/10

2010.05.08 Air Itam Curry Mee @ Penang-5

To locate this “stall” is quite a challenge though especially for someone who are unfamiliar with the Air Itam market. It’ located just by the river. When you are here, look out for a TOTO shop, directly opposite of the shop is this road. Walk in and you shall see the curry mee.

2010.05.08 Air Itam Curry Mee @ Penang-6

Oh, 1 shall also take note, Air Itam market is extremely busy in the morning, and one will have a hard time finding a car park. Prepare to park quite far away from your destination.

Total Damage: RM3 per bowl

Operating Hours: 7.30 AM until sold out

Location: Air Itam market, Penang

Google Map:

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