Nyonya Breeze @ Penang – Invited Review

Thanks to Criz, I had the chance for my first ever invited review. However, invited review is invited review, and although I doesn’t need to pay for my food, I will still comment about it honestly. And if any of you guys doubt about what I say, I already stated it clearly, this is an invited review, so it’s up to you guys to believe it or not.

Nyonya Breeze at Abu Siti Lane Penang offers authentic Nyonya cuisine, a cuisine which is going to extinct soon since not much people willing to learn and prepare it, simply because the preparation job is very time consuming. However, it’s good that at Nyonya Breeze, their dream is to keep these culinary secrets from becoming another history lesson, hence they are selling authentic Nyonya food for us to enjoy it.

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-101

The design of the shop is simple, and there’s a big board which explain the history of Nyonya food, which one can read it while waiting.

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-102

Ginger tea, nutmeg and chrysanthemum tea.

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-103

Nasi Ulam @ RM7. a tedious dish to prepare, as all the salted fish, dried prawns, belacan , kerisik and assorted local herbs need to be cut finely. They also use overnight rice which will ensure that it’s drier and the rice won’t stick to each other, which is one important factor which lead to a good plate of Nasi Ulam too. 7.0/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-104

Inche Kabin @ RM12 – Nyonya deep fried chicken served with prawn crackers and a dipping sauce of ‘ang mo tau eu’. However, this dish is very average to me, just like normal fried chicken. 6.8/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-105

Sambal Goreng @ RM14.90, a favorite dish of all of us. All of us were quite shocked when they told us the dish name, as it doesn’t look nor taste like a dish where you fried the sambal as the name said so. Main ingredients of the dish are prawns, eggplant and cashew nuts, but it’s the gravy which made this dish totally stands out. It taste very unique and special, and the strong belacan taste made this dish awesome! 8.9/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-106

Asam Pedas @ RM16.80. How can 1 not love asam fish? This dish will be best ate when it was hot, so that you will feel the kick of the sour and spiciness of it! Besides, the fish used are very fresh too, and are relatively bigger size if compare to other place. 6.8/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-107

Hey Ya Kay Char Bak @ RM12 – pork belly stir fried with cincalok and chilies. I find that this dish is nice as it’s not overwhelming salty, but just nice. 7.4/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-108

Pi Hu Char with lettuce leaves @ RM8.40, only available on Saturday and Sunday. Although the names says Pi Hu (Sole Fish), but all of us had a hard time to find Pi Hu in it. The amount of Pi Hu is just too little, but this doesn’t stop it to be quite a great dish when you wrap it with the lettuce leaves and the sambal supplied. 7.0/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-109

Nyonya Style Mee Sua Tao @ RM6 – rice vermicelli in a thick, savoury sauce with sliced pork, local melon and prawns. I personally like dish that’s have a strong taste that will make me remember how it taste like forever, but this does not. 6.5/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-110

Lastly, our desert – Seh Liu Chi @ RM2.50. It’s pomegranate flavored jelly and jack fruit served cold in coconut milk. A desert I love very much. Thumbs up from me. 7.5/10

2010.05.15 Nyonya Breeze @ Penang-111

Overall, the food served here is quite good where you can find some traditional Nyonya food, however, parking is always a challenge here although you reserved few parking space right in front of their shop for their customer.

Total Damage: Invited Review

Operating Hours:  11.30 AM to 2.0 PM, 6.30 PM to 10.00 PM

Contact: 04 – 227 9646

Location: Lorong Abu Siti, Penang

Google Map:

2 thoughts on “Nyonya Breeze @ Penang – Invited Review

  1. Thanks for the disclaimer.

    Anyway, I have eaten here before, not long ago. The Nyonya fares failed to impress however. The Ju Hu Char even reeked of a unpleasant stench.

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