Rung Reang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra

Jitra, the 4th largest town in Kedah after Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and Kulim do have few famous restaurant selling Thai food, and due to the close proximity to the Thai border, the Thai food served is authentic and good.

One of the most famous restaurant is Rung Reang, a restaurant even known by few of my friends from Kuala Lumpur.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-3

The crowd here is amazing. We reach there around at 9 PM, and almost all table were full. We were also told that we need to wait quite long for our food.

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-2

While waiting patiently, we had some satay @ RM6 from the nearby stall, which is quite a good snack to munch around since the waiting time is really long. 6.8/10

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-1

After 1 hour of waiting, finally, our food arrive!

Kerabu mango with chicken feet, however, I feel that the kick in this is not as strong as how it should be, most likely because it ain’t sour enough. 6.8/10

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-4

Otak otak with assorted seafood. Like in many cases, although they are generous in the amount of the seafood given, I will much much prefer if the otak otak itself was more. 7.3/10

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-5

The thai style prawns is amazingly good though. Although the prawns given is quite small, but I absolutely love the gravy of it! 8.5/10

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-6

Thai style steam fish, 1 of my most order fish whenever I visit a restaurant serving Thai food, just because I am a fish lover! The steam fish here is not bad, but I will prefer it to be spicier and sourer (again!), and if only fresher fish were used too. 7.2/10

2010.05.28 Run Rheang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra-7

Overall, the food here is ok la, just that I won’t travel 1 hour ++ just to dine here again in the future, nor it’s worth waiting 1 hour for them.

Total Damage: RM72.70

Operating Hours: 6 PM to 11 PM

Location: Jitra, Kedah

Google Map:

5 thoughts on “Rung Reang Thai Restaurant @ Jitra

  1. THE FOOD HERE IS DELICIOUS…IF U WAN SOUR AND SPICY..order something else..nobody order that kind of steam fish there…order KENG SOM

  2. I will leave the food opinion to all the people who have eaten there before. But i have something to say about the service. Service was so bad. Had a birthday dinner celebration with family and friends. When we requested for plates for the cake. They not only decline to give us a plate but they told us it is difficult to clean the plates if we use it for the cake. After some argument on her comment than only we were given paper plates.

  3. I saw that you are a durian fan on your blog post about Bao sheng’s durian farm. I am going to be visiting Jitra and I would very much like to know when the durian season is there. Thanks!

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