Lao Fang Zi @ Penang

Lao Fang Zi aka Old House Cafe, read it from newspaper, read it from blogs about this place, and now it’s time for me to actually visit this place.

As the name says so, it’s an cafe with a theme of traditional design, antique style table and chair, with air conditioner on the ceiling, resembles the feeling of modern vs traditional.

All these with the quiet environment certainly makes this place a good cafe to hang around, chit chatting with friends and such, but how will the food fares?

2010.05.30 Lao Fang Zhi @ Penang-1

Chrysanthemum tea and Dragon fruit juice.

2010.05.30 Lao Fang Zhi @ Penang-6

Since it’s a cafe, choices of food is very limited. First dish, Fried Sugar Pea (tou miao) @ RM10. It does taste not bad, nothing special, but OK. 6.5/10

2010.05.30 Lao Fang Zhi @ Penang-2

Braised Black Vinegar Pork Knuckles (Too Kar Chor) @ RM10. Again, another average dish with limited meat, as most of them are actually ginger rather than meat. The soup itself is not sour enough though, as well as the meat is not tender enough. 6.0/10

2010.05.30 Lao Fang Zhi @ Penang-3

Braised meat rice @ RM7.50. Personally I hate this dish, it’s not interesting at all. The chicken itself is sorta tasteless…..grrr. Besides, the rice is also too sticky to my liking.  5.5/10

2010.05.30 Lao Fang Zhi @ Penang-4

Curry chicken @ RM12. So little portion at such price? If it taste good it’s still ok, too bad it’s not. It seems that they cook the chicken and curry separately as the chicken itself doesn’t have any curry taste inside, and actually taste more like steamed chicken. Sigh. 4.0/10

2010.05.30 Lao Fang Zhi @ Penang-5

I think you guys will also notice, the price here is quite steep for the serving. Well, it’s a cafe ma, what can you expect? Cafe food is usually priced higher, but taste average.

However, due to it’s environment, it’s still a good place to hang around, just that I won’t come here for my main meal and that’s all.

Total Damage: RM45 for 2 person

Operating Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM

Contact: 04 – 2622 113

Location: Kimberly Street, Penang

Google Map:

One thought on “Lao Fang Zi @ Penang

  1. Gosh! You went there? The food there were meant for tourists with little knowledge of good home cooked food. I can see that they have not improved at all still. Sweat~

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