T Hotel @ Alor Setar

Just another food blog reviewing a hotel eh? Well, this is also a travel blog ma, so I decide that in the future, I will review some of the hotels I stay when I travel around, either in Malaysia or outside. Hope this will help a bit to my dear dear readers who love to travel eh?

It was my 1 day trip to Alor Setar, and without having any idea where to stay, I just drive around and saw T Hotel. From the looks and the lobby, the hotel seems quite nice and clean.

Walk in and ask, RM80 for their normal room with a Queen Size bed. Seems that the price and cleanliness all suits my need, hence I pay and check in.

2010.06.05 T Hotel @ Alor Setar-4

Security wise it seems OK as you need to use the card to swipe before you can enter the room area. While for the room, normal key is given.

And yeap, the room is with real simple design, but clean.

2010.06.05 T Hotel @ Alor Setar-1

At RM80, there’s even a plasma TV in the room, with few Astro Channels (including AEC and 1 sports channel), not bad eh! However, the air corn is freaking cold. Even when I set it to 28 degree, I still feel extremely cold. And since the room is windowless, I can’t possibly off the air corn for too long as it will be too stuffy.

2010.06.05 T Hotel @ Alor Setar-2

Attach toilet with water heater, small but sufficient.

2010.06.05 T Hotel @ Alor Setar-3

All in all, T hotel is a good budget hotel to stay. Currently they have 3 branch, 1 each in Alor Setar, Kuala Perlis and Changlun. From what I heard from the receptionist, the hotel in Alor Setar opened for few years already, but they always refurbish it and hence the room looks really new and clean to be. KUDOS!

Total Damage: RM80 per night

Contact: 04 – 772 9988

Location: Kawasan Perusahaan Tandop Baru, Alor Setar

Google Map:

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