Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam

I actually don’t really know what’s the name of this rice, hence I simply give it a name. Well, can’t blame me, as the conversation between me and the introducer is as below:

Introducer: Wei, I bring you go eat good rice. Want?

Me: Ooo. OK ar, what rice?

Introducer: Er…. Rice la.

Me: Hmm. I know la, what rice? Economy Rice? Chicken rice? Fried rice?

Introducer: Tell you rice means rice la, as so much for what? It’s rice with xio bak (roasted pork) on top la…happy?

20100725 Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam

Er…. Ok lo. The stall is small, and passerby will not notice it if not because of the queue in front of the stall.

20100725 Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam-2

Unlike normal Roasted Pork Rice you had elsewhere where they give you the whole piece of meat, here they shred it into smaller pieces.

20100725 Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam-3

The chicken meat are also shredded too into small pieces. A plate of “the rice” will give you loads of chicken, pork, their special gravy, and yeah, loads of rice!

20100725 Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam-4

They are not stingy at all with the gravy, it’s sorta like eating rice in water, which some might not like. However, since I take away mine, I can choose how much gravy I want.

20100725 Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam-5

And yea, “the rice” is good! One of the main reason is because since all the meat are shredded into small pieces, each mouthful of rice will be full of meat to. Eat it with the chili given and the gravy, it just taste so damned nice! Highly recommended since it’s really cheap @ RM3.50 only! 7.5/10

20100725 Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam-6

Total Damage: RM3.50

Operation Hours: 11 AM to 2 PM

Location: Jalan Danby, Bukit Mertajam

Google Map:

5 thoughts on “Chicken and pork rice @ Bukit Mertajam

  1. It’s called Loh Bui(卤饭). Very famous in Bukit Mertajam. The best of all the rice is steam, not cooked. And the gravy is superb. Don’t know about the quality now coz already few years din eat dy. But last time very nice.

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