Tiger Char Koay Teow with bamboo clams @ Penang

Yea….yet another Char Koay Teow post! Well, basically you just can’t separate Penang with Char Koay Teow right?

2010.06.10 Ping Hooi Coffee Shop @ Penang-6

And the name is Tiger Char Koay Teow! Roar! Not only the name is a tad different from others, they did add extra ingredients to their Koay Teow – Bamboo Clams.

2010.06.10 Ping Hooi Coffee Shop @ Penang-5

Yea, bamboo clams. Really, people can be as creative as they can be, by simply adding new ingredients to the food they are selling to attract people to it. The days are gone that you can keep on selling the same old thing for years and years, no matter how delicious it is, you will need to change a bit or else your customer will get bored of it too. So hence the bamboo clams!

The special version with clams here cost RM6, price is consider cheap if compare to those premium ones. Taste wise? Quite near the top but certainly not the best I had taste. Although lard is used, and the “wok hei” is good, I still prefer Ah Leng and the now under-fired Lorong Selamat’s one.

One might ask, so how do the clams taste like? Personally I don’t really like it as I find that it doesn’t help much to enhance the taste of the koay teow. 7.7/10

2010.06.10 Ping Hooi Coffee Shop @ Penang-4

We did tried the Lor Bak @ RM4 here which turns out to be really really average. 6.0/10

2010.06.10 Ping Hooi Coffee Shop @ Penang-3

The Hokkien Mee here taste quite good though @ RM4.50. As you can see, the prawns given are quite big which is good.

2010.06.10 Ping Hooi Coffee Shop @ Penang-2

Overall, Tiger Char Koay Teow is sorta special since I don’t know where else I can find fried koay teow with bamboo clams. However, it had since never came into my mind to revisit them again as since everytime I am in crave of Char Koay Teow, Ah Leng will be the place to go!

Total Damage: Char Koay Teow Extra ingredients – RM6

Lor Bak – RM4

Hokkien Mee – RM4.50

Operating Hours:8.00 AM to 2.30 PM

Location: Lebuh Carnavon, Penang

Google Map:

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