Town House Chicken Rice @ Alor Setar

Alor Setar, a place I rarely venture into, a place which does not appear in most food blog location list, and here I am, wandering here while waiting for the even at Holiday Villa to start, with an empty stomach and growling badly. Without knowing what to eat, or what to expect, I saw that this coffee shop have the most customers, and so I went it, follow the others.

20100723 Town House Chicken Rice @ Alor Setar-4

It seems that the chicken rice here is famous, as there are people queuing it up for take away orders, so yea, I will just eat it.

20100723 Town House Chicken Rice @ Alor Setar

And luckily for me, yea, it taste quite nice. The rice itself is very fragrant, which I like. After all, I am eating Chicken “Rice”, am I?

20100723 Town House Chicken Rice @ Alor Setar-3

But yeah, although most of the time I ordered chicken rice, I actually focus more on the chicken, instead of the rice. Why so? Protein > Carbs. Fark carbs.

Although the chicken does not disappoints, it does not excels too. The meat is soft and tender, but well, not the best. Besides, without a good chili sauce to enhance it, it is just slightly above average. 6.8/10

20100723 Town House Chicken Rice @ Alor Setar-2

One might ask, am I just simply enter a shop, snap it and post it? Well, not really as I initially doesn’t want to post it since the taste is just average, and I thought that it’s just a normal chicken rice shop.

It’s only until a friend of mine tell me that the chicken rice here is very famous in Alor Setar. So well, since it’s famous, it should suits many others taste right? It might not suit me, but it might suit you guys out there, so if 1 day you end up in my position on how I wander in to this chicken rice stall, you might as well try it!

Total Damage: RM5 as I order for extra meat

Operating Hours: Lunch time

Location: Lorong Padi, Alor Setar, Kedah

Google Map:


5 thoughts on “Town House Chicken Rice @ Alor Setar

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  2. this chicken rice stall is owned by my friend father. u should try the baked chicken rice. taste really nice. d stim chicken is better than i had tried in melacca which i have to que for ard 1/2 hours under hot sun.

    • ahh I will try the baked one next time if i got the chance

      I did tried both the chicken rice ball stall in melaka, and since it’s been some time already, i can’t really remember which is better :p

  3. Many good food in Alor Star, Was working Here for 5 years, many many years back, just b4 food blog got hot! Fact is it was so many years back that i have forgotten the road names, and when I last visited some have move places including one of the Best Hokkian Mee Soup (prawn mee to KLnites) in Kedah. (some ppl claim it has relocated to near Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid. )

    Try the old market hawkers stalls, at night, near the Dr Mahathir Birth House, near the river, Jln Raja / Jln Dato Mohd Samad there also a very good nasi kandar there, Nasi Kandar Ali if not mistaken. at the other end, on Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid

    At China Town, there many good Chinese restaurant, my favorite is the one at the corner facing the river, Jln Pangkalan Kapal/ Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid very nice fish curry, that goes very well with the Siew Bak – Lunch

    Also at Jalan Putra there are many hawker stalls (New China Town), near to Sentosa Regency Hotel. (Night)

    If your get the chance try it out!

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