Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang

Eh….what’s this? Why so many people sitting in this small back lane?

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang

Got people squatting down and put in some bread into a stove looking thing somemore?

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-8

Oooh…It’s actually Toh Soon Cafe at Campbell Street la, famous with it’s Hainan Coffee, toast bread with kaya and some nasi lemak. This is the place where the older generation one’s prefer to have their breakfast here (besides the usual Dim Sum restaurant), since to them, this is the place to have coffee, not places like Old Town Kopitiam.

The Hainan Coffee here is good as the it’s aromatic smell will certainly made all coffee lovers fall in love with it.

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-2

The ice version is not bad too.

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-3

And here it came, the toasted bread, which actually, a total disappointment. Man, since this place is quite famous among the Penangties, I am expecting it to be good, or at least better than those I ate in those franchise restaurant. However, it’s not. I would loved that if the kaya given is more and the bread are toasted more evenly.  6.5/10

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-4

To make things worse, I was made to wait quite long and the service is quite bad (due to too many customers, making the waiter are also impatient already), and since sub par food was server, seriously, it sucks to have breakfast here in my opinion.

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-5

Half boiled egg, just normal la, not overcooked, not undercooked.

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-6

While waiting for the bread to arrive, we did have some nasi lemak which were laying around on the table. To be frank, it’s ok, but I had taste many more which are nicer at other place. 6.5/10

20100717 Toh Soon Cafe @ Penang-7

Overall, the coffee here is nice, no doubt. But if you want good toast bread, head to the one near to the Penang Airport.

Total Damage: RM12 for 3 drinks, 2 pack of nasi lemak, 1 serving of toast bread.

Operating Hours: Breakfast

Location: Campbell Street, Off Penang Road, Penang

Google Map:

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