Kang Beef House @ Penang

It’s been some time since I last post about something eh? I been really lazy…..er…I mean busy. There are tons of pictures hiding inside my harddisk, and I think it’s time to show them to the world.

The first of the many more is beef noodle from Penang at Kang Beef House.

Although they do serve other beef cooked dishes such as fried rice, hor fun and steamboat, but it’s only available during dinner time.

Hence my RM15 beef koay teow is here.

20101027 Kang Beef House @ Penang-2

The ingredients variety is good, tenderloin, brisket, beef tripe, beef tendon and meat balls. Although all the ingredients taste, but I still find that the soup itself is lacking of the oomph taste. Yes, it’s better than most beef noodle out there due to it’s variety of ingredients, but it’s far from the best. Maybe is because the sifu’s are not here yet for lunch time? Or the soup will taste better in dinner time after cooking for a longer period? I don’t know.  6.5/10

20101027 Kang Beef House @ Penang-4

1 of the major flaw is the chili too. I don’t really enjoy myself with it’s chili. Hm…..

20101027 Kang Beef House @ Penang-6

You may pass by Kang Beef House at Jalan Jelutong, but you can’t park your car there. You have to enter from Jalan Perak (intersection with Jalan Bangan Serai) and park your car there. They do have some private parking, but it’s limited to like 4 cars only.

20101027 Kang Beef House @ Penang-10

Total Damage: Rm15 for 1 person (you can choose your portion of the beef noodle, starting from RM8 if I remember correctly)

Operating Hours: 12.00Pm to 2.30PM, 4.30pm-10.00pm (Closed Tuesday)

Location: Jalan Perak, Penang

Google Map:

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