Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam

A person can be given the best ingredient, the best cooking tools, the world most craved for recipe, but if he ain’t got the passion to cook, or just don’t have enough skill, the outcome of the dish just won’t taste nice.

Some dishes are just so wonderful when you look at it, or theoretically will be awesome when you heard of it, but the outcome might not be the same.

Crab meat hor fun, how wonderful? By the looks at it, the amount of crab meat given and char siew are generous. Besides, it looks colorful too, if only there are more greens on it. Something like this should be awesome!

20101127 Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam-7

Well, not really. The hor fun itself is really really bad. It’s too dry and the hor fun seems to be soaked too long. It just doesn’t taste right. It seems to me that they already fried it for some time, and forget to serve it hence the hor fun soaked up all the gravy, leading it to be muddy. Yes, the crab meat use is sweet, and the char siew taste nice too but like I say, if you are a bad chef, or you didn’t put your whole heart into frying the dish, you can be using the best ingredients and most awesome recipe in the world but you are still unable to cook something taste great.

This is what I feel from eating it, I just find that the chef is just simply frying it for the sake of selling it. Seriously, something like this should taste great, and if he can think of using this recipe to cook it, he should be able to do fine. Besides, the vegetables in it is like….er…..where?

Seriously, it will be a total failure if not because of crab meat are used. Maybe the chef mood is bad that day, or another person is still in learning progress is frying it, I don’t know. If any of you guys had tried it lately and found improvement in it, please let me know, as I had high hopes that this will taste awesome. 5.0/10

Oh by the way, it only cost RM3.30 for this amount, which is surprisingly cheap with the serving and amount of ingredients use!

20101127 Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam-4

While waiting for our hor fun to arrive, we notice that the fried chicken stall here is having good business as customers even need to queue up for sometime to buy it. It’s quite an unusual sight for a small fried chicken stall like this.

LY went ahead and queue for it, and after 15 minutes, she’s back. To me, it’s just normal fried chicken, but LY say it’s good. I still much prefer MCD or KFC more. 5.5/10

20101127 Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam-11

Restaurant Lau Yew is quite a big food court for hawker food, but during night time, it seems only a few stall is opened. Besides, I had heard that there are few food court named Lau Yew here at Bukit Mertajam. So don’t go to the wrong one eh.

20101127 Lau Yew Crab Meat Hor Fun @ Bukit Mertajam-15

Total Damage: Crab Meat Hor Fun – RM3.30 for 1 person, Fried Chicken – RM2

Operating Hours: 5.30PM to 12AM, closed on alternate Monday

Location: Intersection of Jalan Stesen and Jalan Asmara, Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Google Map:

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