Prime @ Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Okay, I am actually very reluctant to post this, especially after the sorta good service from Prime, making me really wanted to give them a 2nd chance before I post this, but seeing that it seems there are more and more negative review I read (from Lowyat forum and here and even 1 of the commentors from kampungboycitygal’s blog regarding his friend), well…..

I know I might get a lot of hatred mail or even shrugs or disbelieve, well….

Okay, to start it off, it’s LY birthday, I decided to bring her to Prime, the highly sung best place to have steak in Malaysia. I am especially excited when I saw that their Blackmore Wagyu promotion is back, hence I can finally taste the melt in mouth kind of steak for the first time!

Red meat must go with red wine, and since I am not a Wine expert at all, I asked the waiter to recommend me a wine which is not dry and sweet, hence I was recommended the Terrazas Mabec @ RM190, which is exactly what I want. Kudos to them!

20110321 Prime @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur

After we made our order, the bread is here. Yes, it’s definitely the best ever bread I had tasted in restaurant. I especially love the Emmental Cheese & Black Pepper Bread which is just amazing to go on with the 3 types of butter which is 1 infused with spinach,  1 is salted and the other is with poppyseed (from left to right). The bread itself is already amazing and great on it’s own, and with the super creamy and soft and generous butter, it’s just AMAZING! Seriously a perfect score for a bread! 10.0/10

20110321 Prime @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-3

I also ordered their Lobster Bisque @ RM45. The soup was divided into 2 portion without me asking and no extra charge, how attentive!

The soup itself is super yummylicious, so infused with the taste of lobster, and the crust is so thin and great! Simply amazing.  9.8/10

20110321 Prime @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-7

It’s also my first time having Foie Gras @ RM75. Charcoal grilled, terrine and crème brûlée from left to right. I especially love the with crème brûlée with caramelised top. I can’t say I really enjoy this French delicacy though but I know very well it just me. 7.0/10

20110321 Prime @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-8

Okay, service is awesome, food is great, ambiance is awesome, wine is good, I am so excited and waiting for my steak to be presented in front of me! Being cheap I order their cheapest Blackmore Wagyu promotion @ RM98 (I forget the name of the steak, something blackmore wagyu …. one, but in receipt it wrote blackmore wagyu ribeye). And no, I got a hard time on cutting my steak with my knife on some part, let alone on melt in mouth! My steak doneness was medium though. Seriously, I am hugely disappointed. I thought that I will only face this (hard time cutting my steak with knife) in those stall selling western food in food court! In most part when I am able to cut the meat, I need to chew chew chew chew and chew, what jaw exercise! 2.5/10

When the manager came and ask how is my steak, I straight away tell him it was bad. He proceed and ask what I order and the donness of my steak. The manager then told me that my steak is actually the 2nd grade cut, and for me to get the melt in mouth feel, I should order their premium cut such as the Chuck Flap Tail. Being disagree as my steak is really too bad, I proceed and show him how hard isit for me to cut my steak, the manager straight away tell me, something is wrong as it shouldn’t be that bad. He then proceed to say he will change a premium cut for me, and ask me to wait for a while.

I gladly say okay.

20110321 Prime @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-11

While waiting, LY’s Australian Master Kobe Oyster Blade Steak @ RM130 (doness: medium) is here. Although she does sometimes face cutting problem of her steak, but it’s much much better than mine. It’s miles away from my previous best steak experience. Seriously at this price, I still find that what we get should be better. 6.9/10

20110321 Prime @ Le' Meridien Kuala Lumpur-16

Okay, so after around 15minutes, my new cut of steak is served – Blackmore Wagyu Chuck Flap Tail @ RM180 (from the menu). Doness is medium rare. Well, although it’s much better from my previous cut, but still, I still got some hard time in cutting it in some part! What????!!!

You must be asking am I serious. Yes, I am dead serious! So how about the melt in the mouth part? Er….if a steak is hard to cut, how do you think it will be? Jaw exercise of course!

At this point of time, I am too lazy and don’t have the mood at all to take any picture of it. Hence sorry, no picture of the Chuck Flap Tail. I can’t even finish my steak and left after finishing the wine. Don’t even bother for desert, and I sorta lied to the manager by saying the steak is ok when he asked me again.

Some of you might asked,  did I have to pay for the Chuck Flap Tail or not. No, I don’t. I only pay for the cut I ordered. This is why I called it great service! Besides, when I posted it on their website, someone immediately responded to me. Another superb great after sales service.

Hence, I will definitely give Prime another chance, not only because of their fame, but mainly due to their superb excellent service that lead me to give them a second chance.

PS: Fawked, I am sorry if this post annoyed you. Thanks for the help and I appreciate it 🙂

Total Damage: RM378.15 (I am a Starwood Privilege Card holder, hence I get 50% discount on food, 20% discount on beverage)

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm (lunch)

Monday to Sunday – 6.30 pm to 11.00 pm (dinner)

Location: Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Google Map:

7 thoughts on “Prime @ Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur

  1. eh medium rare still have hard time cutting ar? You sure they are serving you waygu? -.- The one i had in The Point is already melting in the mouth for the price of only AUD 55 lol

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