Soul Kitchen @ Penang

Located at Lebuh Muntri @ Penang, Soul Kitchen is a very unique and special place to dine here in Penang. Why so?

Well, first of all, it’s a small family business, operate by the couple Michele and Tonio. The building is already quite a history itself  and is part of the heritage pre-war building.

Besides, rather than serving the traditional local Chinese/Malay/Indian hawker food you can find all around in Penang, it served Italian food instead.

My beautiful Cappuccino @ RM5.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-4

And LY’s freshly squeeze and flavourful Orange Juice @ RM5. Price might a bit steep you might say as we are not dining in a air-conditioned restaurant, but the orange juice is pure and good, unlike those you get in normal coffee shop where you taste water and sugar syrup more rather than orange.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-6

Instead of giving a beautifully designed menu handled to you to order your choice of food, all the food served are hand written on the chalkboard on the wall. While for the beverage menu, customers are given a hand-written paper though.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-7

It’s breakfast time, and I had their English breakfast with Bacon @ RM9.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-9

Nothing special, well it’s just normal breakfast although the bacon is nice.

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-13

The Yoghurt Muesli on Papaya @ RM9 is something really special though as I never saw it before. Home made yoghurt pair with muesli, and the original sweetness of the papaya, what a healthy breakfast!

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-14

I really enjoy myself eating here, quiet and slow pace, relaxing and reading my newspaper while sipping some coffee. Excellent! I will definitely come back here for their lunch or dinner menu!

20110226 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-17

However, my dear Michele and Tonio, please don’t commercialize yourself too much or by expanding too fast. Stay as it is now, don’t be another Lang Sae Lee @ Tan Jetty where the quality of food drop rapidly when they become famous. Please don’t make us Penangtie lost another gateway for breakfast.

Total Damage: RM28 for 2 person

Operating Hours: 10am – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm ( Closed on Tuesday)

Location: No. 102, Lebuh Muntri, Penang

Google Map:

4 thoughts on “Soul Kitchen @ Penang

  1. When in Penang I’ll stick to my hokkien mee breakfast! At home, I’ll have to settle for stuff like an english breakfast, unfortunately.

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