Soul Kitchen @ Penang

Already falling in love with Soul Kitchen after I had my breakfast there, here am I again. This time, for lunch.

For starter, we have Tomato Soup @ RM8 served with organic bread. The soup is quite good but I do hope it’s cooked much more thicker. 6.4/10

20110417 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-4

Our freshly baked Pizza Parma Ham @ RM20, which is the thin crust style pizza which I like. However, it’s not really rich in flavour and I would very much appreciate if more cheese were used 😀

Besides, as I am not a huge fan of the salty Parma Ham and the bitter rocket, I don’t enjoy it much. 6.0/10
20110417 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-6

Spaghetti Chicken Al Limone @ RM 19. Now this is something I really loved! It tasted a little bit sweet and with a squeeze of lemon, make it really really appetizing. They are not stingy with the cheese powder too. 7.8/10

20110417 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-7

The Lasagne @ RM 19 here is not bad too. It’s stuff with tomato based minced pork. 7.3/10

20110417 Soul Kitchen @ Penang-8

I do however find that the price of the food here is a bit expansive, almost restaurant price while you are eating home cooked style food. However, since they are not stingy with the ingredients, and the food served is good, I am willing to come back here again soon.

Total Damage: RM66 for 2 person

Operating Hours: 10am – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm ( Closed on Tuesday)

Location: No. 102, Lebuh Muntri, Penang

Google Map:

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