Le’ Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur

It’s my friend’s wedding, hence here am I again at Kuala Lumpur, my lovely town, besides the jam.

This time, again using my vouchers, my choice of stay is Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur. It’s located at KL sentral, and used to be 1 of the best place to stay in Kuala Lumpur since it’s the hub of public transport, and amazing view around the metropolis. In such a short distance, you can get access to LRT and KTM which brings you to most part of Kuala Lumpur. By walking a little bit more, you can get access to Monorail which brings you to the centre of Kuala Lumpur including the golden triangle.

HOWEVER, due to the ABSOLUTELY STUPID USELESS town planning, they decided to build a HUGE STUPID CIMB building right in the middle of KL sentral and the monorail station.

Now, because of this STUPID building being built, it easily triples the walking distance from the hotel to the Monorail station, which mean now it cost more (either time or money if you decide to take a cab instead) to reach shopping heaven Bukit Bintang! Besides, it totally block the perfect view from the hotel rooms!

You build a transportation hub and now you destroy it????? How can you be so STUPID?!

End of rant……

Checking in is fast, although the air conditioner at the lobby seems faulty at that point as I actually sweat a bit when I was there. And unlike at Sheraton Imperial, the parking only cost RM5 per day with unlimited entries and exits.

The room is smaller than expected, and on a serious note, seriously (again) do you think this is a 5 star hotel if I din’t told you?

Oh ya, my room face directly to that STUPID building, luckily I couldn’t hear a damned sound from the construction of it.

20110611 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur

The bed is just okay, but I am missing my heavenly bed already…….

20110611 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur-2

Seriously and luckily, I am only paying RM330 for this room by using the vouchers. Their best available rate is around RM550, which is like what, 80% more than Sheraton Imperial, and around the same as Westin? Which both offer far greater rooms?

20110611 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur-4

Their toilet actually reminds me of Cititel – small. It does equipped with a sorta highly functional toilet seat which will help you wash your backside after you finish with your business, but I just din’t use it.

20110611 Le' Meridien @ Kuala Lumpur-3

Le’ Meridien Kuala Lumpur shares it’s swimming pool and gymnasium with Hilton Kuala Lumpur since they are neighbours, where you are able to access to each hotel easily. Although the facilities are shared, but the pool is still the best out of the 3 Starwood brand hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It even has a slide and an open jacuzzi. I absolutely love the pool.

Overall, this hotel will definitely be my last pick of choice. I just don’t get the hospitality I get from Sheraton and Westin. The only thing I really enjoy is it’s swimming pool and that’s all.

Total Damage: RM330 nett per night (using my Starwood Privilege Voucher)

Contact: 03 – 2263 7888

Location: Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Google Map:


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