Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur

I am not a fan of Pan Mee in the past, especially the soup based one. Reasons is usually the soup taste is not to my liking, and the noodle is too hard.

However, once forced to have Chili Pan Mee, which is the dried version 3 years back at a place I forgotten, neither did I remember the shop name. I only remember that it’s quite good, and the shop is full of people. Ever since, I started to eat Pan Mee, but only the dried version, and MUST be spicy.

Then only after some time, I only know that Chili Pan Mee is one of the most famous food in Kuala Lumpur, with 2 of the most famous one are Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee and Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee.

I chose Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee due to I had read way too many bad reviews in terms of service by Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee. Only when I am here, I only noticed that their fierce and infamous rival – Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee are just opposite of them.

20110613 Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur-7

As always, my timing for hunting food is usually perfect. Both Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee and Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee are super empty when I am here, around 10AM ++. Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee got 1 customer while Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee got 0 customers.

I can fully understand that someone who are working in Kuala Lumpur who has fixed lunch hour to dine here and join the crowd, but I absolutely don’t understand those who have flexible lunch hour, why must you come during their peak period, and then only complain about slow and bad service? 😀

20110613 Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur-3

Most of the Chili Pan Mee had the exact same main ingredients, which is a sunny side-up egg, fried anchovies and minced meat.

20110613 Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur

I never tried eating it without the chili flakes, but after 3 or 4 spoonful of it, it’s as spicy as it looks. Since the Pan Mee itself doesn’t actually have much taste, hence it’s all up to the chili flakes which makes the difference. I can’t say that I absolutely loved it, but yes, to me, it’s good.

It’s spicy, which I like. The anchovies is really crispy, and the minced meat is good too. Overall, they mixed up nicely. It can be a bit salty too if too many chili flakes are mixed into it. 7.7/10

20110613 Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur-5

Total Damage: RM10++ (forgotten the exact price)

Location: 33, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 03 – 2697  0998

Google Map:

3 thoughts on “Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Kuala Lumpur

  1. Nais~ Kota Damansara also have one outlet ftw lol no need to run till KL for a bowl of that if ur around that area lol

  2. You must try one pan mee stall in a coffee shop opposite the Sau Seng Lum Centre in Old Town Petaling Jaya.
    it is round and they dunk in water to pull it, very chewy. The soup is clear and not oily and sweet too. The dry version is also very good with the black sauce. The chilly is really spicy and just a dip will blow your mind. This stall is run by a lady with kinky hair and after taking this pan mee, you will not want others.

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