Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani

There’s always a hidden gem everywhere, and this small little stall, located just outside 1 of the abandoned shopping mall (Billion) in Sungai Petani, is a true gem.

Ok la, it’s not really abandoned, just that instead that it’s a shopping mall with many retail shops in it, there’s only “The Store” departmental store inside. Most of the time it’s quite empty, since peeps in Sungai Petani will go to Tesco (we got 2 tesco here okay?!) or Giant for grocery, and Central Square if they want more. However, during festive seasons, those that hate crowd will come here since most places will be way way too overcrowded.

Well, guess it’s enough talk of shopping mall. This small stall is those that you won’t bother to give it a second look even if you walk past it. It’s only operate during dinner time, and are run by Chinese from China.

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani-11

They do served rice, but you should try their porridge when you are here. Although it’s just plain porridge, but the porridge itself is very damned smooth. Just superb if you eat it along with the main dish! 8.0/10

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani

They also served Claypot Yee Mee here, which is a bit like the style of Gong Bo Chicken. You can opt for Sang Yee, Zhui Ge (field chicken aka frog), or Wong Sin as the ingredients. The mee itself is cooked to perfection, and the soup itself is nice too.

Oh, do tell them to prepare it spicier if you are the type that love spicy food. And if you ever order this, forget about their Gong Bo version of other dish, since it will be the same. 7.2/10

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani-3

The Steamed Zhui Ge (field chicken or frog) is just superb. It’s steamed with some Chinese herbs and it’s just taste so nice. I absolutely love the gravy here and can wallop the whole plate of rice just with the gravy.

However, since Zhui Ge should not be cooked too long, with the fire underneath the plate constantly warming up the dish, you should finish this dish as fast as possible or the meat will become too hard and won’t taste as nice as it should be.  8.0/10

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani-5

And finally, the dish I loved here most, their Signature Steamed Sang Yee. The fish meat are de-boned and are  boneless. I absolutely love this too, and again, just the gravy, is enough for me! The gravy too have some slight hint of Chinese herb taste, which makes it much much better than most normal steamed fish. 8.5/10

20110619 Steamed Sang Yu @ Billion Sungai Petani-9

It’s had since become one of my favourite place for dinner ever since I had been introduced here. Choices are limited here though.

However, I am really sorry that I totally forget to jot down the price of the dish for it. The fish cost in the range of RM30++, while the Steamed Zhui Ge cost around RM20++

Total Damage: RM65++ for 3 person

Operating Hours: 6pm till late

Google Map:,100.482244&spn=0.004079,0.005461&z=17&output=embed
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