Aeroline @ Penang > Kuala Lumpur

As lazy as I can be, I really hate driving, especially long journey driving. However, public transport from my hometown to Kuala Lumpur is really limited. Let’s see what choices do I have ya…..

1) Air Asia – Around RM100++ per person, the most expansive way to travel. However, it not entirely that fast too from Penang to KL. Considering I need to arrive at Penang airport 1 hour earlier, then wait for the luggage at LCCT, hire a cab or take their bus to KL sentral, which will take another 1 hour again. So in total, it will takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Kuala Lumpur from Penang.

2) KTM – RM42++ per person, considered as 1 of the safest way to travel. However, it took the longest time to reach, and is actually the worst possible way to travel in terms of comfort. The train depart at around 8.00PM from Sungai Petani, reaching KL Sentral at 5am++ in the morning. Not only it took 9 hours ++ to reach (due to loads and loads of stops), the ride is bumpy too. Besides, no hotel will let me check in so early without any extra charge anyway.

3) Express Bus – RM30++ per person, considered by me as 1 of the most dangerous way to travel. The journey took around 5 hours for day time, but I try to avoid them as much as possible especially I had sat a few badly maintain express bus, and I had also saw many crazy bus drivers on the road.

4) Aeroline – Well, it’s also a bus, a double decker one, just that it’s a premium one. It cost RM60 per peson. I had a pleasant journey with Aeroline before from KL to Penang. Their bus is much better maintain than others, and I find that their bus is much more stable than others.

5) Drive down – Possible the best way to travel. It cost around RM120 for 1 way though (Petrol + Tol). Time is flexible and I will have my own transport at my destination.

After considering all my options, I chose Aeroline this time. Instead of boarding at bus stations, their departure hub is at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

20110916 Aeroline

A small waiting room before your departure. Too bad, I don’t know is it because they are trying to save some electricity bill, or their air-conditioner is broken. Oh, tea and coffee are FOC too.

20110916 Aeroline-3

Departure time is 8.30AM and the bus arrived promptly. The seats are 2+1 each row, same as most others VIP express bus.

What separates them with others are, they do provide a pillow, blanket upon request, free 1 bottle of mineral water, and free flow of tea and coffee.

Oh, they do provide free meals too. We got a sandwich on my trip down to Kuala Lumpur, and fried noodle on our return trip. On my previous trip, I had sandwich from Subway.

20110916 Aeroline-9

Another difference is they actually have a lounge down here. Everyone can go down and have a more comfortable sit, and chat with other passengers. However, on my trip down, they actually sell tickets to more passengers and hence the lounge is actually full with passengers all the time.

The bus do have a mini toilet too for small business only. This certainly reduce the time wasted on rest area and hence the bus only stop for 1 time the whole journey,

20110916 Aeroline-7

Overall, Aeroline is a much more comfortable ride compare to other express bus as the bus is not as bumpy as others. May it be a better maintained bus, or due to the driver are more careful, I don’t know.

In total, the whole journey took 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach Corus Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur, which is very near to KLCC. However, it’s still a very tiring trip considering the long amount spent on the bus.

I will definitely drive down next time.

Total Damage: RM60 per person

3 thoughts on “Aeroline @ Penang > Kuala Lumpur

  1. For so long seen i give birth to a princess tis is the first tyme taking a luxury bus wif her,now she 6 …i hope she will happy after taking tis bus n more relexing…..she good on comment …we will until on dat day trip….hope she love d holiday wif tis luxury bus…..

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