Day 1 @ Danok, Thailand (2011)

I had visit Danok quite a few times, but it’s really really a boring place, unless you are here for you know what.

I usually came here for few hours only and I am back.

However, for the first ever time, I decided to overnight here.

20110716 Ban Dan Nok-2
One of the many fried chicken stall. Yummy if you don’t mind the cleanliness. 

And no, it’s not what you think. My mum and LY are with me…….


20110716 Ban Dan Nok-3
Sticky rice with mango, which my mum loveeee…..

Unlucky for us, most of the newer and cleaner hotel are fully booked! It really shocked me. Well, I can understand if we are in Hatyai, but here?!

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-3
A small stall that’s rather interesting to me. BBQ! 

Luckily, finding a hotel is never a problem here since there are just so many around. BUT to find one which is cleaner is quite a big task. Walking around with our luggage, and finally we managed to check in one which seems okay to us.

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-2
BBQ intestines, which is delicious. 

The expressions of the receptionist is really funny when my mum asked for a room with extra bed, or a room that have 2 single bed instead of a queen size one. Guess you should know what kind of business they are actually in eh?

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-5
Crab cooked with curry powder at my favourite Ped’s Restaurant.  The crab are fresh and kinda huge, too bad it taste okay only. 6.5/10

Since it’s a hot day, I decided to buy a can of beer to cool down, but I can’t open the fridge door in 7-11. It’s locked!!! WhatttttT????!!!!!

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-8
Thai style Pork Leg which is rather disappointing too as it’s too hard to bite. Besides, the crab and the pork leg cost us RM122, which I find that it’s ridiculously expansive. 5.8/10

Then only I noticed that there’s a notice on the fridge, saying something such as “Today is an important Buddha day, No liquor can be sold”.

Whao!!!! I never know that, culture shocked eh!!!

It’s 16th July 2011 when I am there by the way.

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-14
Elephants on the street!!! 

And yes, 7-11 do follow the laws well. I end up able to buy it at some other restaurants, but was told I can only buy back and drink in my room, and not at their shop.

Looks like they do enforce their law well eh?

To be continued….

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