Day 2 @ Danok, Thailand (2011)

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The next morning, we wanders around for breakfast. There are few stalls beside the road full with people, and hence we decide to have our breakfast there.

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-33

The pork leg rice @ RM4 looks really pale and uninteresting when it served, but it’s good. The meat is super tender, the gravy is nice and it just taste amazing! Eat it with their chili, it is just greatttt!! However, the vegetables taste bitter though. 7.5/10

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-39

The koay chap @ RM5 in the other hand, does looks interesting with loads of ingredients. It taste good too. 7.0/10

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-41

The chicken rice @ RM4 again, looks uninteresting and as a carnivore, the meat is really just too little for me. BUT, the rice itself tasted really good! 7.2/10

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-44

After checking out from the hotel and before heading back to Malaysia, we have our lunch at a place where I forgotten. Couldn’t be bother too since the food is mediocre.

Steamed Keng Som Fish, something which I just don’t like how it taste. 4.0/10

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-46

Fried Lala….. Normal la. 5.5/10

20110717 Ban Dan Nok-49

The forgotten roasted duck and roasted pork until we remind them, which is just meh too. 4.5/10

After this trip, I finally found that food here ain’t that cheap as in the past already. Crazy amount of Malaysians entering this small town had made it become a small tourist place and hence, price soar.

However, people still come to here for the one and only one reasons……..

My next trip to Thailand will definitely be Hatyai, a place which the last time I go is more than 10 years already.

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