Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel @ Zhuhai, China

It’s been some time since I went oversea for holiday. Well, I do went over to Zhuhai, China around twice per year, but every time it’s purely for business and usually I don’t have time to explore around at all.

Finally, 2 weeks ago, I am able to squeeze a small trip to Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong.

Well, since the name Zhuhai appear again, it just means that this is not a pure holiday trip, but it’s a combination of holiday + business trip. I wonder, when only I will have a pure holiday trip out of Malaysia eh? My last pure holiday trip is also in Hong Kong, which was 2 years back, and no…..Danok is NOT overseas, neither that I counted it as out of Malaysia too…….

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-6
Chee Cheong Fun with some shrimps and soy sauce only. It will be wonderful if inside have prawns and char siew, too bad. 6.0/10

Hong Kong is basically the country I visited the most, even more than Thailand. Although I only went to Hong Kong for holidays 4 times up till today (twice during my secondary years), but almost every time when I visited Zhuhai, I will take a flight from Penang to Hong Kong, and then only take a ferry to Zhuhai, China.

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-8

Har Ji Mee aka shrimp roe noodles. While the noodle itself taste good where it’s really hard to find noodles with this type of texture in Malaysia, it really tasted too bland. It’s just plain noodle with some shrimp roe on it, which makes it quite tasteless in my opinion. 6.0/10

We arrived safely at Hong Kong Internation Airport at around 11.45AM, wishing to be able to catch the ferry to Zhuhai at 12.30PM, only to be told that we need to purchase the ticket at least 1 hour beforehand since we have check-in luggage.

Too bad, our next choice is the 2.30PM ferry. A 3 hours wait is just so waste of time! We have our first taste of Hong Kong food here at the airport which cost us HKD87 in total.

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-10

The wonton (dumplings) come with the noodles, and taste very good since it’s big in size and full with meeeeattttt inside. The soup is yummy too. 7.5/10

The ferry from Hong Kong International Airport to JiuZhou Port, Zhuhai takes approximately 60minutes.

You DON’T need to pass the customs and take your check-in luggage yourself. Just pass your check in luggage ticket to the staff when you purchase your ferry ticket at the counter. And poof, your luggage will magically appears when you arrive at the port in Zhuhai.

Again, I repeat, you DON’T NEED to pass the customs, or else you won’t be able to take the ferry from the airport, but need to go all the way in to Hong Kong city and board from there, which is a waste of time.

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-11

At only RMB320 per night, the room is pretty good. Free internet connection too. 

Our hotel in Zhuhai is Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel, which is only 5 minutes from JiuZhou port.

It’s a HUGE 5 star hotel. You can play tennis (4 outdoor court and 1 indoor court), ping pong, bowling, swim, arcade, and even fishing or row a boat at the lake inside the hotel. Amazing, no?!

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-12
Absolutely love the bathroom, I gonna install this at my house in the future, right in the middle of the living room, hell yea!

However, since the hotel it’s so big, every time I want to go out, I need to call the front hall so that they will arrange a bus/van to my room and fetch me to the front hall. In my opinion, this is way too troublesome although the wait time is acceptable (around 5 minutes max only).

Besides, the hotel is located out of the city, and anywhere I go, I have to call a cab, unlike my previous stay in Zhuhai where the hotel is located right in the city.

20111012 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-13
With an opening on top, 1 can certainly enjoy the nice smell while the others is doing his/her big business inside. 

We stay 3 nights in here, 1.5 days are busy visiting expo and meeting with suppliers, and the other day we head over to Macau early and came back late. Hence, we really don’t have much time to walk around Zhuhai at all. We also never used any of the facilities inside the hotel, which makes me kinda regretted for not spending 1 more day here.

In my opinion, if you are coming over to Zhuhai for whatever reasons, and don’t plan to use any of the facilities in this hotel, don’t stay here as the location is bad. You can easily find many other hotel which offers the same service  and room, at a cheaper price (not much difference) but with a much much better location.

Total Damage: RMB320 per night

Website: www.zhuhai-holitel.com/

Locaion: Zhuhai, China

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