Wifi Boutique Hotel @ Wanchai, Hong Kong

We stay in Zhuhai for 3 nights, which we never really have much time to explore. LY do have some time to do some shopping at the huge underground shopping centre (拱北地下广场) which is located under the Gongbei border. We also went to Lianhua Lu (莲花路), while LY continue her shopping while I went for a foot massage.

4 days 3 nights in Zhuhai (include 1 day in Macau) end so fast, and we are back to the Zhuhai Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal (九洲港) to take a ferry to HK-Macau Ferry Terminal (港澳码头), Hong Kong.

Our ferry is 9am, and hence after we purchased the ticket, we have our breakfast at KFC. The pork burger tasted amazingly good, even better than the one I had at Macau as it’s juicier! Yummy.

20111015 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-11

After 1 hour of ferry ride, we arrived at the HK-Macau Ferry Terminal (港澳码头), and after being sardined when passing the border, we arrived at our hotel in Hong Kong, which known as Wifi Hotel.

It’s really a small hotel as each floor only have 3 rooms. The room is very small too, but well, suited for our purpose. iPhone dock and DVD player are available too.

20111015 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-13

The really small toilet, reminds me much of First World hotel at Genting.

20111015 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-15

Although the staff at the hotel service is quite good, but seriously, I won’t really recommend anyone to stay here. Reasons is there’s nothing much you can do nearby the hotel (under 10minutes walking distance), and due to the hotel is located middle of the Wanchai MTR station and Causeway Bay MTR station, it also take 10minutes of walking to reach either of the MTR station.

As MTR station is consider as everything in Hong Kong, so if your hotel is located like 100m from your hotel, it will really save your energy a lot.

Oh ya, although the hotel brand itself as boutique hotel, I seriously can’t see anything about it.

Total Damage: RM1952.18 for 4 nights, purchased from Agoda.

Website: http://www2.wifihotel.com.hk/

Locaion: Wanchai, Hong Kong island, China

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