Tune Hotel @ Hat Yai, Thailand

Been to Danok a few times, and it’s really quite bored at night IF you went with the wrong person……just joking.

Anyway, this time I planned to re-visit back Hat Yai, a town which I never step foot in for the last….er….er… 15 years or so?

Anyway, for this time, I will only blog about Tune Hotel in Hat Yai. I did took quite some numbers of pictures at Hatyai, but they are too messy so I am not going to blog those.

One of the reasons why I choose Tune hotel although they are a bit more expansive than other hotels like Lee Garden is because Tune is VERY new. They only opened around November 2011, which I like.

Anyway, I booked my room through Tune’s Website and pay there, yet I still need to wait for almost 20 minutes when I check in and I am the only customer at the front desk.

As I never stayed in Tune before and I always heard that the room in Tune is super small, hence I am amazed that the size of the room is actually big. And of course, very clean too.

2012.02.04 Tune Hotel @ Hatyai (1 of 7)

Size of the toilet is okay too.

2012.02.04 Tune Hotel @ Hatyai (2 of 7)

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Prego @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

After shopping around Pavilion, both me and LY are quite tired and I decided that we have something light at Prego.

Since it’s around 3pm, we only get the tea-time menu, yet I am happy with it, since we just want to have something light.

The bread is nice, love the tomato blah blah sauce! 6.5/10

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-9

Gamberi alla Griglia con Mandorle e Peperoni @ RM40. Errr….???  Well, according to the menu it’s grilled prawns with rosemary, capsicum, almonds and cannellini beans. 6.5/10

Well, anyway, I am content with it and it’s way much worth and better than the Prawn Salad I have at Latest Recipe @ Le’ Merididen.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-11

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Westin @ Kuala Lumpur

Westin Kuala Lumpur is the first Starwood brand hotel I stayed in Malaysia, which was like almost 2 years back, but yet I only take photos of it during my last Kuala Lumpur trip during December 2011.

Service is still good, check in is still fast and although my stay was kinda messed up due to their poor front desk for not checking my reservation properly, but since it’s past so long, I am lazy to talk about it here. Those interested can go find my complaints at Trip Advisor. 😀

Since this room is the Premium room, which is actually the same as their normal room, just that it have a nicer view aka facing Pavilion. Which is good too so that I can check out the traffic in Jalan Bukit Bintang is bad or not before I go and get my car.

Oh and as usual, the bed is nice, and you still need to pay for the internet. That’s what my tethering for.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip

The bath room is quite big.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-3

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Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop @ Hong Kong International Airport

After an hour plus on the bus, we reach Hong Kong International Airport, it’s time to really say good bye to Hong Kong. We walked around, and then decided to eat something before we board the plane.

I decided that we just eat at the food court, and we chose 正斗粥麵專家 (Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop).

After queuing up for some time, order, and wait again, finally we can eat!

Well, the wanton noodle is okay, the char siew taste okay too, overall, just an very average dish. 5.0/10

20111019 Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau (2011)-32

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Samlee86.net (new blog domain)

Sigh…how stupid of me that I forget to renew my domain , or actually ignore to do so……

Even ignore to do so when enter grace period and now if I have to pay so much more for samlee86.com is just not worth it

Hence Samlee86.net will be the new blog address…kindly please update ya or maybe you will received thousands of stupid spams post from the stupid old domain…haizz….

Please remember to change your bookmark………………. @@

Now it’s back to square one and I will have to slowly build up the hits to this blog again…haizzzz