Westin @ Kuala Lumpur

Westin Kuala Lumpur is the first Starwood brand hotel I stayed in Malaysia, which was like almost 2 years back, but yet I only take photos of it during my last Kuala Lumpur trip during December 2011.

Service is still good, check in is still fast and although my stay was kinda messed up due to their poor front desk for not checking my reservation properly, but since it’s past so long, I am lazy to talk about it here. Those interested can go find my complaints at Trip Advisor. 😀

Since this room is the Premium room, which is actually the same as their normal room, just that it have a nicer view aka facing Pavilion. Which is good too so that I can check out the traffic in Jalan Bukit Bintang is bad or not before I go and get my car.

Oh and as usual, the bed is nice, and you still need to pay for the internet. That’s what my tethering for.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip

The bath room is quite big.

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-3

La~~~ la~~~ la~~~

20111203 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-4

We stayed here for 4 nights, and it was the 2nd night when I and LY felt a bit hungry. It was around 10 PM and initially I am thinking to go all the way to SS15 for it’s burger, but since I heard the quality is not as good as the past, and really it’s way too far for a mere supper so I forget about that idea very fast.

Then I am thinking for McDonald’s, but now it seems that both of us are even lazy to walk out of the hotel!

Then I remembered that it was years since I last called room service. I decided to check their menu and I am quite amazed that the price is not really that high.

I kinda forget the exact price, but this Nasi Goreng cost around RM20 (or is it RM25?), which to me is quite a fair price since Madam Kwan’s charge around the same too.

The price is even cheaper considering that the Coke in the mini bar cost around RM8…….

Oh ya…it’s deliciousssssss!!!!!!!  8.0/10

20111205 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-16

The murtabak @ RM10, which in my opinion is better than many of the murtabak I get from the night market is my hometown. 7.5/10

20111205 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-17

Free chocolates~~~! Thanks 😀

And they are very nice tooo!!!!!!!

20111205 2011.12.04 Kuala Lumpur Trip-18

After this meal, I and LY opt for another room service again on our 4th night here. I forget to take pictures that night, but their Nasi Biryani is awesome! Their Hainanese chicken rice is very good too. I am addicted already to their room service.

Total Damage: R1xxx for 4 nights (using vouchers and including room service)

Contact: 03-2731-8333
Location: 199 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Google Map:

6 thoughts on “Westin @ Kuala Lumpur

      • haha i see…how many nights you stayed on your second visit? i’m checking in soon and might consider to get a room service too, i really hope to get a free box of chocolate but i just felt that maybe they will only give out if you order up to certain amount i guess haha~it looks nice thou ^^

  1. Shyan, can’t reply you up there d and I blame wordpress for it :p

    Neways, for both times, I stayed either 3 or 4 nights, can’t really remember. I don’t really think it’s because of order up to certain amount, because I did ordered room service at least 3 times at Westin, and I am sure for this particular time, my order is not the most expansive one. ANd I only get the chocolate once.

    So I guess it’s based on luck? haha

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