First few hours arriving Langkawi and Seven Wells @ Langkawi

The last time I went to Langkawi, it was like 15 years ago…or maybe more. Langkawi is never on my travel list all the time, until one day, it suddenly struck my mind, and after doing loads of research, I decided to plan at 5 days 4 nights trip there.

A lot of my friends thought it’s crazy to spend so much time at Langkawi, but who cares about them? 😀

We start our journey early at around 6am, and arriving at Kuala Kedah Jetty at around 7.05AM. I actually already bought my ferry ticket online, but then when I saw the earliest departing ferry is actually 7.15AM, I straight queue up and bought it. =.=’

20120406 untitled-2

The ferry is just a small one, and everyone have to leave their luggage at a designated area, which is just a small place too.

The journey from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the seat is actually very small, I think it might be even smaller than those on Air Asia flights. Luckily the ferry is not full, and we can change place ourself.

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-3

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