First few hours arriving Langkawi and Seven Wells @ Langkawi

The last time I went to Langkawi, it was like 15 years ago…or maybe more. Langkawi is never on my travel list all the time, until one day, it suddenly struck my mind, and after doing loads of research, I decided to plan at 5 days 4 nights trip there.

A lot of my friends thought it’s crazy to spend so much time at Langkawi, but who cares about them? 😀

We start our journey early at around 6am, and arriving at Kuala Kedah Jetty at around 7.05AM. I actually already bought my ferry ticket online, but then when I saw the earliest departing ferry is actually 7.15AM, I straight queue up and bought it. =.=’

20120406 untitled-2

The ferry is just a small one, and everyone have to leave their luggage at a designated area, which is just a small place too.

The journey from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the seat is actually very small, I think it might be even smaller than those on Air Asia flights. Luckily the ferry is not full, and we can change place ourself.

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-3

We reach Jetty Point, Langkawi at around 9.30AM. A few people approach us just after we exit the arrival hall asking us do we need to rent a car but I just ignore them worrying that they might be unlicensed one.

However, once I walk out of Jetty Point, I can’t even find a car rental agent….

After asked the information kiosk, then only I know that they are all hiding behind the building which you can’t see when you are standing at the main entrance of Jetty Point.

Anyway, an old Malay guy then approach me. He trying to rent me an old manual Iswara at RM50/day. But I don’t want and I initially wanted to rent a Suzuki Alto. Too bad I had a hard time finding it so end up I tell that guy I want an auto and newer car.

Then he told be he got a Myvi but at their company garage and bring me there. The Myvi did looks good outside, and the inside is cleaner than most of my friend’s car. I was quoted at RM70/day, hence total I need to pay for RM330 for my 5 days 4 nights stay here, including RM50 for deposit.

Before I pay, I also noticed that the front bumper is already break and also I noticed it’s actually an unlicensed car since it had the same road tax as normal car (if I am not mistaken, a licensed car for rent will have a hexagon shaped road tax).

I was then assured that there will be no problem with it and they are aware of the front bumper being spoilt already. I was told that as long as there any major scratches with the car, it’s okay for them.

I then proceed to pay for the car, and also bought the Pulau Payar tour from them at RM120/person. Initially I thinking to get the Island Hoping tour from them too, but they quote me at RM35/person, while during my research, I know that it should only cost RM25/person. The guy was nice enough to tell me that buying here is more expansive and I should go to Pantai Cenang there and buy, which I obliged.


After everything is done, my first stop is obviously the nearest petrol station which I fill it up full. I had to change my whole itinerary for the first day especially since now I have to proceed to Pantai Cenang to purchase my Island Hoping ticket first.

Pantai Cenang was like 25 minutes drive from Jetty Point, but the road is smooth without much car.

After have a simple breakfast which cost around RM25 for 2 person, I proceed to AB motel and purchase the Island Hoping tour from them. I heard it’s the cheapest in Langkawi.

Then, it’s time to drive around all parts of Langkawi.

Our first stop is the Seven Wells of Langkawi (Telaga Tujuh). It’s around 25 minutes drive from Pantai Cenang, and it’s very near to the Oriental Village and Cable car which I will cover in the next few post.

According to the legends, this is the place where the fairies bath due to it’s beauty, hence although I know it’s a 30 minutes climb up to the top, I still do it.

While climbing, I am thinking, ain’t I should be going to beach, instead of mountains?!

After 30 minutes or so, finally we are up!

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-4

To be honest, I don’t really think it’s worth to climb up for this. It might be due to the dry season hence there is not much water, I don’t know.

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-7

The natural slide where you can play with, which I din’t.

Anyway, the water here is still consider clean without much rubbish around.

Gosh, seriously our government should do more to protect the cleanliness of tourist attraction, and also maintain it well!!! (You will know why I am so angry with them in my next few post)

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-11

We spend like only 30 minutes on top, then we walked down to the bottom part of the waterfall. There are more people here since it’s at the bottom part and one don’t need to burn so much calorie to reach here.

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-13

When we are back at the bottom, the first thing to do is obviously bought a coconut and drank it dry! It cost RM4 for one though.

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-14

While we then continue our journey in driving around Langkawi, we also stopped by at a nearby beach, which I think should be Pantai Kok.

20120406 2012.04.06 Seven Wells @ Langkawi-15

Day 1…To Be Continue…


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