Bird Paradise & Wildlife Park @ Langkawi

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I am not an animal lover, neither I do find that visiting zoo or anything similar to it is interested. However, ever read Zhishan90’s post about this Bird Paradise & Wildlife Park in Langkawi, I think I might as well pay them a visit since LY is quite an animal lover.

One thing good about Langkawi is, most of it’s major attraction is located by the roadside, hence it’s really easy to find and hard to miss out.

The entrance ticket is RM12 per person (show them your Mycard to get RM12 price), and just before you enter the park, you get to take pictures with some birds where the bird will stand on your fingers/hand. However, to purchase the picture cost a whooping RM35 (for a single picture) if I remember correctly.

Directly after you enter the park, you get to see a small stall selling packets of food. It contains different types of food in each packet, and then you will get to see how picky animals are on choosing their food.

20120407 2012.04.06 Bird Paradise & Wildlfe Park @ Langkawi

The first bird we saw and get to feed is this cute little parrot. She love’s kuaci and will pick 1 from your hand, slowly open it and eat the nut inside and then continue to pick another from your hand.

She won’t bother to eat anything other than kuaci, and it’s really a great experience in feeding it.

20120407 2012.04.06 Bird Paradise & Wildlfe Park @ Langkawi-5

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