Island Hoping @ Langkawi

After our breakfast at Nasi Kandar Tomato, we stroll around the quiet Cenang Beach and then head to AB motel which is just nearby at 9AM. We have to wait a while since some are late. Then, hoping into a van, we were taken to a quiet beach near The Lanai, Langkawi.

A speedboat is already waiting us there, prepare to take us to our first destination.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi

After 15 minutes or so, 24 of us arrived safely at Pantai Beras Basah. Since there is no proper dock when you enter and exit the boat here, dress appropriately as your legs will be wet.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-3

We were the first batch of tourist to arrive here, and after the boat driver told us that we have 45minutes here, he drove off to pick up another batch of tourist. We were left stranded here all by ourselves!

The island is really peaceful since nothing much is here, except us and a few monkeys.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-4

Upon seeing this, I straight away take off my pants and shirt, and jump into it. Although the sand is not among the softest in the world, neither the water is as clear as those in Redang, but yet, I still enjoy it.

The water feel a bit warm too, which is good. Not much fish here except some Anchovy.

However, we only manage to enjoy the peace for like 10minutes or so. More and more tourist soon arrived until it’s quite packed since I guess there’s around 200 to 300 people.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-5

Soon, our boat arrive and we were taken to Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion Island). The boat will just stopped here, for what?

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-10

Yes, to let us have a chance to watch the eagles soar among the skies, and also dive to catch their prey.

So many of them flying around!

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-22

The boat drives will throw chicken bits to the sea, and while the eagles are flying so high up, there are able to dive and catch is precisely! Amazing stuff!

Since I don’t have a zoom lens, arming with only a 17-40mm wide angle lens, all I can do it take the photo and crop it out. 😀

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-18

Our boat stopped here for only 15 minutes or so, and then we were taken to Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Lady). I did not take a picture of the silhouette of the pregnant maiden when view from far away since I am sure it can be easily found on the internet.

After that we were took to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden itself. One will have to walk over the small mountain to reach the fresh water lake, so again, dress appropriately.

It was rumoured that the water here is magical and one will get pregnant after drinking the water.

We were given 1 hour here. One can choose to rent a life jacket and swim around here, or pay RM30 for a 30 minutes ride on these solar powered boat.

The boat will moved very slowly if you did not pedal it, but still, good enough.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-35

Before back to our hotel, the boat driver stopped at a nearby little bat cave for us to see some bats.

See those little black thing on the ceiling of the cave, yea, those are bats.

20120407 2012.04.07 Island Hoping @ Langkawi-57

We arrived back at AB motel at around 1pm ++. For me, this is quite an interesting trip for first timer, but I doubt I will come again for the 2nd time.

Total Damage: RM25 per person

Duration: 9AM to 1PM

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