Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi

After checked in to the room, I and LY have a slight nap, before we were out to enjoy the infinity pool! Although the sun is so damned poison, but the pool is just great.

Anyway, after fooling around, we were out for dinner at Cenang Beach again. Choices of restaurant? Orkid Ria, one of the most visited restaurant by tourist from China.

It was around 7pm and it was already packed, and we were lucky that we don’t need to wait for our seat.

20120408 2012.04.07 Orkid Ria @ Langkawi

Scallop, just a few tiny piece. Taste good though. 7.2/10

20120408 2012.04.07 Orkid Ria @ Langkawi-2

Steamed lobster with egg or something. This tiny thing cost at least RM100, and although it’s fresh, but I guess for lobster, I still liked cheese baked more. 6.5/10

20120408 2012.04.07 Orkid Ria @ Langkawi-6

Thai style fish, which taste surprisingly good! It’s a combination of sweet sour and spicy, good to go with rice! 7.6/10

20120408 2012.04.07 Orkid Ria @ Langkawi-10

The seafood here is no doubt fresh, but price is on the high side for someone not from KL. Our dinner cost around RM180 which is not cheap at all, but yea, we do enjoy it.

Total Damage: Around RM180 for 2 person

Location: Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Google Map:

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