Little Mexican Cafe @ Langkawi

After our crazy Go-Kart at noon time, 4 of us are hungry like hell and so here we are, at Cenang trying to find something to eat.

After driving up and down, and even stopped at duty free shop to stock up for alcohol, we finally decide to have our lunch at a small cafe, named Little Mexican Cafe.

Only few tables available in this small cafe, and there are also 2 customers besides us when we were here.

However, although our order was taken quite fast, but the food really take ages to come. This plate of cheesy nachos take at least 30 minutes before it arrived our table when there is only well, 2 tables of customers?

Not to mentioned, it’s bad. 3.0/10

20120408 2012.04.08 Little Mexican Cafe @ Langkawi

Luckily, the Chilli Chicken is really really good. I forget the exact name of it, but I like it a lot. I do wish it’s even more spicy though 😀 7.8/10

20120408 2012.04.08 Little Mexican Cafe @ Langkawi-2

This is good too, again, pardon me for forgetting the name of the dish but it’s really good. It’s something known as spicy fish tacos blah blah. 8.2/10

20120408 2012.04.08 Little Mexican Cafe @ Langkawi-5

Anyway, the food here is good with the exception of the nachos. However, it does not come at a cheap price as it cost us almost RM150 for 5 dish (including the nachos) . Beer here are not cheap too as 1 glass of Carlsberg is RM7 and I really wonder why do they have to charge so expansive for it since one can get a can for only RM1.80 at the duty free shop nearby.

Anyway, after eating, we went back to Four Points, have some rest, and wait for the long awaited yacht trip!

Total Damage: around RM150 for 4 person

Location: Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Google Map:

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