Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi

I had heard a lot about sunset cruise before I went to Langkawi, and I had read quite a lot and most of their websites make me WOW.

However, joining this cruise as a couple only might not be as fun hence it’s really a hard decision for me to join or not since this 3 hour activity is not cheap. It cost RM250 per person so yea…hard decisions to made eh.

Luckily, cow cow decided to join us in Langkawi, and since he is also interested in this sunset cruise, here we are!

The cruise started at 5PM, but they already starting to pick up guest as early as 4PM. The van driver arrived at our hotel at 4.15PM sharp, and took us to Awana Porto Malai.

And no, this boat is NOT the one we are going to spend 3 hours on. It’s just to transport us to the yacht.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi

No shoes on board, so please keep your Jimmy Choo at hotel yea?

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-2

See the yacht with greenish top? Yea, that’s where we gonna spend our next 3 hours at.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-4

The yacht might not look as big, but it’s able to fit 20 people nicely. I din’t actually take much photos here because I am here to relax. 😀

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-6

The open bar with free flow of alcoholic drinks which includes beer, wine, whisky and vodka. The little BBQ station is to prepare our food for our dinner. All of these includes in the RM250 paid to them.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-9

One thing I really liked about this yacht is, the crew here don’t bother you much. You can do anything you want here, as long as you don’t disturbed other passenger. You can climb high up, or even lay on the deck, or even jump down the sea and swim and they won’t stop you.

Of course, they will always put an eye on you, just in case, you need their help. 😀

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-10

Once in the middle of the sea, they will put down this net where you can jump onto it and enjoy the so called salt water Jacuzzi. This is really great as you can just lay on the net while your whole body is inside the sea, with just your head on top to breath.

The crew will also throw a can of beer for you to enjoy it while you are down there. However, since I don’t know how to swim, it’s quite dangerous to go down to it since the distance from the net to the ladder is not that near. I almost fell when I tried to go down LOL.

Oh ya, I am not wearing a life jacket ya..haha.

Anyway, once I am down here, it’s really really fun laying on the calm sea water.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-12

I enjoy for like 30 minutes or more down there, and then only cow cow and LY, and few other people join us.

After that, it’s dinner time!

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-13

Although it’s a BBQ buffet dinner with 20++ choices of dish, for example satay, BBQ seafood and chicken, beef rendang, spaghetti and others, I just find that the portion is too little for 20 people.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-14

I am expecting that I can really eat a lot here, too bad although they don’t limit how many servings 1 person can take, but most people can only have 1 servings or so.

I really wish they can cooked more next time.

20120409 2012.04.08 Crystal Yacht Sunset Cruise @ Langkawi-15

While sharing our travel experience with other travellers among the world is fun, watching sunset on a yacht with a cup of wine on hand is fun, while relaxing and enjoying the breeze is fun, time just past so fast.

It’s already 8PM in a blink, and I had yet to enjoy enough!

After this, we were sent back to our hotel, and I got knocked out by the Blue Label we bought earlier. Damned! Luckily I am still able to wake up early the next day for our Pulau Payar trip which I won’t be posting it here since I did not bring my DSLR with me.

PS: Will I come back again for this? Most probably but I will definitely try other companies. I might try to find a bunch of buddies to go so that we can charter the private yacht and get the whole boat ourselves!

Yes, Mr. Hong, Cow Cow, Mr. Choo, bear, Alfred I am talking to you guys! 😀 😀

Total Damage: RM500 for 2 person

Duration: 5PM to 8PM

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