Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant @ Langkawi

After the tiring and disappointing trip from Pulau Payar (which I did not blog about), and since it’s our last day in Langkawi, I and Cow Cow decided to have our dinner at Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant, which we both heard that it served great Japanese food.

Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant located at a hill along Pantai Tengah. The road leading up to the restaurant is very small and steep, so drive slow if not you will just missed the entrance.

If you choose to sit at the upper floor, you can enjoy some nice view while dining. Reservation is advisable if you travel on peak period since the restaurant is quite small only.

20120410 Unkaizan @ Langkawi-13

The huge and heavy menu.

20120410 Unkaizan @ Langkawi

Hot green tea…cute teapot yea.

20120410 Unkaizan @ Langkawi-6

One of the set menu that we ordered, with assorted sushi and cold noodles @ RM58

The sushi is awesome and the cut is thick. The cold noodle is somewhat good too, but I very much prefer the cha-soba at Edo Ichi in my hometown. (Yea, I know this is not cha-soba). 7.0/10

20120410 Unkaizan @ Langkawi-14

Their special bento set which is not in their main menu. Man, the Unagi taste really really good, one of the best I ever tried. Also, take a look at the sashimi, it’s thick!

The tempura taste okay too.

The chawanmushi is below average in my opinion.

This bento cost me RM85, but I think it’s worth it. 8.0/10

20120410 Unkaizan @ Langkawi-19

When I am ordering, I saw that blue fin tuna (tender part) is on their special menu. Not knowing that it will also be served on my bento set, I ordered it @ RM30.

They should well had told before when I do so. Sigh. 7.0/10

20120410 Unkaizan @ Langkawi-21

Overall, it’s quite a nice place to dine in. Price are a bit on the high side in my opinion, but well worth since the portion is good.

Total Damage : RM342.10 for 4 person (include a 8 piece sushi set not shown here)

Operating Hours: 6.00PM to 11.00PM (Closed on 2nd Wednesday)

Contact: 604 – 955 4118

Address: Lot395  Jalan Telok Baru Pantai Tengah, Langkawi.

Google Map:

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