Ped Restaurant @ Dannok

Ped Restaurant, the restaurant that I always visit every time I am here, ever since when I am still in primary school!

A small clean restaurant with air conditioner, located on 1 of the first few valley on your right after walking pass the border.

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok-12

Of course, beer is a must for such a hot day!

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok

The duck meat is really really delicious! Its a must order dish for me every time I am here. Not really cheap though as it’s around RM22 per serving.  8.5/10

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok-8

The pat pet squid taste good too, but it seems the vegetables are more than the squid. 7.2/10

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok-9

Lastly, the lemon steamed fish. Although this dish looks pale when it was served, but it’s good! It’s  flavourful, as it’s spicy and sour enough for me. 7.7/10

20120512 Ped Restaurant @ Danok-5

Overall, I liked this restaurant very much. Most of their dish taste nice and in my opinion, price are still acceptable. So yea, people who staying at the northern part of Malaysia wish to have some authentic Thai food,  the restaurant is located just pass the border.

Total Damage: Around RM90++ for 2 person, include 2 bottle of beer

Operation Hours: 11.00AM till 10.00PM (Malaysia time)


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