Waterview Restaurant @ Dannok

Waterview restaurant at Danok is one of the most visited restaurant in Danok, because it’s special. How special? You will know soon.

Anyway, the restaurant is located quite outside from the main town. The road lead to there is very small, hence I do advice one to go there when the sun is still out.

Since I am not driving myself in, I go there using the hotel taxi. Which cost me RM30 for a round trip. It’s just a short trip by the way, which takes around 15minutes each journey, but since we are sitting the huge VIP style van, I think the price is pretty ok.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-29

The small lane to the dining area.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-2

The restaurant is located by the lake itself, and yea, it’s basically surrounded half of the lake.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-3

The blue roof building is where the kitchen located.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-6

Since I had been drinking Bacardi since my breakfast, I am in quite a drunk state, so no beer this time, only sugar cane juice.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-10

Oh damned, what is this boat doing? Is he going to smash through us??!

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-12

Nah…it’s just the way they bring the food to you.

Yea, the food was served to everyone using a boat from their kitchen! Special eh?

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-13

A waiter already stand by beside us and help us to bring it to our table.

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-16

This is really something special that I never tried before. The prawns is uncooked!

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-18

Just dip the prawns into the sauce and eat it! The prawns are super fresh and sweet and tasty! You can also opt to eat it with the vegetables that come with it. 8.2/10

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-22

The seafood otak otak is delicious too. It’s full with seafood such as squid, prawns and fish! 7.5/10

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-20

I also ordered the Kengsom steamed fried fish, which taste good. The fish itself is fried and being served the the spicy sour type soup.

The soup is really good to go with loads of rice. 7.8/10

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-26

Finally, the only dish that I remembered it’s name – Khor Moo Yang, or better known as grilled pork neck. It’s absolutely soft and tasty, grilled to perfection. Most of the part is very tender, but then there are some part which you just unable to bite it off lol.

This is really a great dish when drinking! 8.5/10 

20120512 Waterview Restaurant @ Danok-27

Waterview restaurant is a beautiful place to dine at, and you should come here when you are in Dannok for whatever reason it is.

Total Damage: Around RM100

Operation Hours: Lunch and Dinner

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