Nasi Kandar Md. Ibrahim @ Alor Setar

A day before I am off to China for a week, I know I will surely miss curry when I am there, hence the urge to have a good place of awesome Nasi Kandar before I depart from Malaysia is a must.

Hence, I travel all the way down to Alor Setar to the best Nasi Kandar I had tried up till today, Nasi Kandar Md. Ibrahim.

2012.06.16 Nasi Royale @ Alor Setar

This is truly a 1Malaysia stall, unlike the BS you heard and read in newspaper everyday.

This small coffee shop are run by Chinese in a traditional Chinese Coffee shop setting, while the Nasi Kandar stall are run by Indian Muslims, or better known as Mamak. You can always find all races dining here happily, proved that we Malaysians, although we do have our different believes and culture, we can live together in a harmonious way.

We don’t need all those marketing campaign and 1Malaysia logo all around to tell us what 1Malaysia are, all the time we are already able to do so.

2012.06.16 Nasi Royale @ Alor Setar

My portion, with the choice of lamb, beef, vegetables and squid!

2012.06.16 Nasi Royale @ Alor Setar

Another angel of view. Both picture really doesn’t justify the awesomeness of how great this Nasi Kandar tasted as you can only known how good it is after you tried it!

Also, my rice is full with gravy because I asked for ‘basah’, which means wet my rice with all types of curry!

Besides that the curry is awesome, the beef and lamb is super soft and tender. Although it does not melt in my mouth, but it does came close. 9.5/10

2012.06.16 Nasi Royale @ Alor Setar

LY’s portion, with chicken, squid and vegetables. She’s loved it too!

2012.06.16 Nasi Royale @ Alor Setar

However, the curry here does taste a bit sweet hence maybe it might not be a cup of tea for everyone, but to me, it’s the best Nasi Kandar that I ever tried before (even compare to those in Penang).

Another thing why I loved here so much is because the rice given is Nasi Minyak (oil rice) and not white rice, which goes so well with all the curries!

The only complaint for me will be the choices of dish is a bit too limited. 😀

Total Damage: around RM20 for 2 person (include drinks)

Operation Hours: early morning till noon.

Location: Jalan Tunku Ibrahim, Alor Setar, Kedah

Google Map:

6 thoughts on “Nasi Kandar Md. Ibrahim @ Alor Setar

  1. i am kedahan but i dunno it taste so nice. ned to try it. next time if u at alor star, u should try kedah wan tan mee, chicken slice mee which is wantan mee with chicken slices, char yuan yang which is the best. My relative from Johor and KL, will surely come over to eat and buy in bulk.

  2. It’s right infront of Pekan Rabu if im not mistaken ? Love the place and its Nasi Kandar..haha cant wait to taste it again during this coming Hari Raya..will be back hometown. Ive heard from my mom that this shop was there since her dad (my grandpa) still alive..and they will always come here during weekend to enjoy the foods.

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