Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai, China

I had been to Zhuhai few times, and almost every time I stayed in the same hotel, which is Hua Yi Mun Fu hotel (华羽民富酒店) at Gongbei.

Although the hotel is only rated 3 star, but in my opinion it beats most 4 star hotel in Malaysia. The standard of star rating in each country really differs a lot.

20120617 2012.06.17 Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai

It’s a nice clean hotel, and the television have like more than 40 channels in it.

There’s also a convenience store located just beside the hotel which you can literally buy most of the necessities there including snacks, beer and my favourite chinese white wine. All of them are reasonably priced.

20120617 2012.06.17 Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai-2

The toilet is quite large too with separate shower room. Although they do provide free toiletries, but they do have few packs of toiletries for sale at the bathroom if you wish to purchase it. The cheapest one is only RMB6, which is like RM3?

Also, unlike most hotels in Malaysia when they charge you RM8 or even more for a can of coke for the mini bar, most hotel’s mini bar snacks/drinks are reasonably priced, maybe like RMB1 more expansive than you bought at convenience store. I really wonder, why must hotels in Malaysia charged so much for a can of coke, or kit kat? Damned.

20120617 2012.06.17 Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai-3

There is however one complaint for me, the air conditioner is not cold enough for me! I noticed that most Chinese are content with a room temperature of around 25 degree, but it’s just not enough for me. It takes hours for the room to reach my favourite room temperature of around 21 degree, which is too bad especially since it’s summer time when I stayed here!

20120617 2012.06.17 Hua Yi Min Fu Hotel @ Zhuhai-4

The location of the hotel ain’t the best, but still it’s conveniently located. You can walked to the huge underground shopping complex in 15minutes time, or you can just take a cab that will cost you RMB10. Most taxi in Zhuhai are metered taxi so you don’t need to worry about being slaughtered (unlike in Malaysia).

The hotel do provide free breakfast, but it’s bad.

Total Damage: RM140 per night

Location: 中国珠海市拱北粤海中路2067号

Google Map:

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