Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai is located in the Canton province of China, hence many restaurants here are serving Canton Cuisine (粤菜), one of the 4 major subdivisions cuisine in China.

Fresh live seafood is prominent in Canton cuisine, and according to them, fresh live seafood are best cooked with by steaming, with only little used of seasoning to bring out the natural sweetness of live seafood.

While most authentic Cantonese cuisine restaurants have live seafood tanks in their restaurants, Wanchai Seafood Street in Zhuhai bring it up to another level.

There are more than 10 restaurants serving authentic Cantonese cuisine here, and while all the restaurants here does not have live seafood tanks, behind these restaurants are a whole stretch of stalls selling all sorts of live seafood.

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-2

Walking past here is just like walking at Petaling Street in Malaysia where you are being shouted to asked you visit their shop, telling you that they are offering the cheapest price or even sell you are a price that they actually making a lost. It’s really a mess as since I visited this place during lunch where there are not much customers, we are the target of every stalls here.

However, it’s also a wonderful experience since many seafood sold here are not sold in almost every wet market in Malaysia. Most of them I don’t even know their name.

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai

We were given a basket by the restaurant we choose before we went shopping. We were also told to bargain hard and careful when they weigh the seafood. However, I am usually bad in bargaining hence well, it cost me RMB230 for seafood below. =.=””

I have a feeling that I was being slaughtered, but well….it’s a tourist place ma. (trying to console myself as hard as possible)

We gave the seafood we bought to the restaurant’s waiter, and we were asked on how we wish to cooked them. Each dish you asked them to cooked will be charged from a range from RMB10 to RMB25, depends on how you want it to be cooked.

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-4

We also ordered some greens, which seriously, the portion is too big for 2 person.

As usual, vegetables in China does taste sweeter compare to Malaysia. 7.0/10

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-5

One of the clams that we bought, which I totally had no idea what’s its named in English.

As you can see, the clams are huge, it’s also very fresh and sweet too! Just plain delicious! 8.0/10

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-6

Fresh Sea Urchin steamed with egg. Only some slight seasoning are used to cook the sea urchin with egg, but it still taste okay. However, again, the portion is way too big for both of us, end up we only eat the sea urchin and left most of the eggs. 7.0/10

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-8

Steamed grouper with is very very tasty. Although this grouper is 2 level down compare to the famous mouse grouper (老鼠斑)but the texture of the fish is just so yummy! 8.0/10

2012.06.21 Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai-10

I still find that it’s quite a wonderful experience to come here, and although it’s not cheap at all, but I will come back again next time, ordering something more special this time.

Total Damage: RMB230 for live seafood only, RMB150 for the cooking fees and 2 bottle of beer

Location: Wanchai Seafood Street, Zhuhai, China


4 thoughts on “Wanchai Seafood Street @ Zhuhai, China

  1. I intend to visit wanchai seafood street with my family in June while in Macau. How far away is the seafood street from Zhuhai check point & what mean of transport is the best to this destination? Thanks

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