Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai, China

Man Ting Xiang (满庭湘) is one of my favourite restaurant in Zhuhai, China. It’s a franchise restaurant served delicious Hunan Cuisine (湖南菜).

Hunan cuisine is also one of the eight most famous regional cuisines in China. It’s well known for it’s hot spicy flavour and deep aroma. Although it’s hot and spicy, but the taste is very different from Malaysia’s curry, or the sour spicy type at Thailand.

I really miss Hunan cuisine every time I am back in Malaysia, and I really hope that I can find authentic Hunan cuisine here in Malaysia. However, I guess it will not be easy because most of the ingredients they used are very different from us, especially the chilli they used.

Some famous chain restaurant in Malaysia did try to served Hunan Cuisine in Malaysia before, too bad they failed badly, and in my opinion, it just tarnished the image of Hunan Cuisine.

I also noticed that, most more established restaurants in Zhuhai, their service quality is really miles ahead compare to most in Malaysia. For example, it was raining heavily when I arrived at this Man Ting Xiang restaurant, and I was thinking that I am gonna be real wet when I am out of the taxi.

However, there were already someone waiting by the road side with a huge umbrella waiting to shelter us in. I noticed that the waiter actually waited outside the restaurant, and if they ever see any potential stopped in front of their restaurant, they will walk up to them and shelter them in.

In Malaysia? Unless you are a VVIP or else, bring your own damned umbrella they will say.

Back from rantz, Chinese white wine is a must for me for every dinner. Too bad, not much people know how to appreciate it. 😦

2012.06.21 Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai
Pork dishes which I forgotten the name, which taste quite good. 6.5/10

2012.06.21 Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai-3

The dish I loved the most here, spicy fish fin. For most fish lover will know, the best part of a fish is the fin and mouth. While for this dish, only the fish fin was served. Yummy!

The dish might look pale, but it’s actually very spicy. The yellowish thing on top of the fish is a type of chilli that can’t be found in Malaysia. It does have a unique taste and it’s very different with ours.

I absolutely loved this, however, I know this dish will not have any loved for people who enjoy fish meat. 😀 9.6/10

2012.06.21 Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai-5

The name of this dish is pretty beautiful as it was known as crystal chicken. However, to me it’s just like steamed chicken which we can found almost everywhere. Not to say that it taste bad, but I pretty regret ordering this since I can get to eat it easily in Malaysia. 6.0/10

2012.06.21 Man Ting Xiang @ Zhuhai-6

I actually kinda regret with the dish I ordered this time because 2 of them are not the authentic Hunan cuisine. I really wonder what I am thinking that time when I made the order.

Now I had to wait for months before I get to enjoy Hunan cuisine again. Sigh.

Total Damage: RMB270

Operation Hours: Lunch and Dinner

Location: Gongbei area, Zhuhai, China.

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